Solar panelsRenewable energy sources are an inexpensive method for providing your home with hot water. Renewable energy keeps energy bills down and ensures that you have more than enough hot water throughout the year.

There are a number of different options available to Irish homeowners looking to utilise renewable energy technology, and solar panels are among the most popular. However, while conventional solar systems are less costly to use than traditional heating systems, solar panel prices and installation and maintenance fees can be expensive.

This is why we recommend using the Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panel System, as it results in far greater value for money than conventional solar systems.

Thermodynamic Solar vs Conventional Solar

There are a number of advantages the Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panel System offers over conventional solar systems.

For instance, conventional systems require three solar panels to provide up to 70% of hot water for six people, with each panel weighing between 40-300kg.

Thermodynamic systems require just one panel to provide 100% of hot water for six people, and weigh only 8kg per panel.

Thermodynamic solar panel prices are typically similar to conventional solar panel prices but Thermodynamic systems save you money as just one panel is required to generate 100% of your household’s hot water.

This is due to the fact that the Energie Thermodynamic Solar System captures energy from sunlight and daylight, ambient air temperature, air convection from wind and rain water, whereas conventional solar systems capture energy from sunlight and daylight only.

Similarly, conventional solar panel prices are more costly when you factor in additional expenses such as annual servicing, anti-freeze top ups and panel replacement.

The Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panel System on the other hand does not require annual servicing to maintain optimum efficiency, requires no anti-freeze and features a more robust panel designed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

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