The Solar Box Unit

The Solar Box is used most commonly in one of the following situations;

  • The customer has a need for a triple coil cylinder (oil, solid fuel and solar)
  • The hot-press does not have enough space to house the Eco or Eco Top solution
  • The customer has already purchased a solar cylinder and wants to now add solar

The Solar Box works very much like the Eco and Eco Top versions. There is normally one panel that goes on the roof. (One panel suitable for up to 300 Litre cylinder, 2 panels required if the cylinder capacity is over 300 Litres but still a maximum size of 500 Litres). There is a small Solar Box (as per picture above) which can be housed in a variety of locations, but most commonly in the attic or beside the cylinder in the hot-press.

Running Costs

The system does consume a small amount of electricity. It should be noted that the Thermodynamic Solar Box unit can consume a small amount more electricity than the Eco or Eco Top unit. The manner of its design means that a circulation pump is used to transfer the heat from the Solar Box to the water cylinder being used, thus increasing running costs of this thermodynamic solar panel slightly.

Space Requirements

In order to fit the Solar Box unit in your hot-press, you should have a minimum of 420mm cubic space available in the press. If you do not have this space available, the Solar Box can be housed in the attic instead.

Reasons to buy the Solar Box Unit

  • The luxury of hot water on demand
  • Huge savings on your bills
  • Neither the Eco or Eco Top unit will fit in your hot press
  • Installation normally only takes one working day with minimum disruption

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