So You Are Looking To Buy A Product From LVP Renewables

If you are interested in our range of products, the below is a typical example of how the sales process works

Your Enquiry

We are always available to talk to you with regards to your enquiry. We aim to be back in contact with you within 2 working days of receiving an email enquiry. If you phone the office, there will usually be someone available to speak to you straight away. If not, we will call you back at a time of your choosing. On speaking to a prospective customer we will explain our technology in detail. We will run through the pros and cons to choosing our system over others, the specification for your particular project, and the price. It is important to understand that unlike some other companies we do not believe in “pressure selling”. We will not send a sales representative out to your house until you have received a quote, understand the technology, and feel that our system may be something you wish to purchase. LVP Renewables can offer you the tools to help you make a decision. Whether it be calling to our office to see a live demo unit, or contacting an existing customer, we can offer you options to help you ensure you are choosing correctly.

Site SurveyIf you are happy to proceed, LVP Renewables will conduct a thorough site survey at this point. We will be checking that all equipment will fit in your home, how we can run any cables and/or pipes with minimum fuss and intrusion in the home. We will ordinarily agree on the sale at this point and organise a deposit for the works to be concluded.

Scheduled Install DayUnless stated otherwise, you should be contacted the first working day after a deposit is received to be booked into production. Our production manager will ensure that the date chosen suits both you and the installation crew. Lead times will have been discussed by the sales-rep at site survey stage. You will be contacted a second time by the production team the Friday before the install just to confirm the date still suits you.

Installation DayNormally, our solar panel installation team will arrive on site sometime between 8:30am and 10am dependent upon your location. Our production team will have called you the Friday before installation to give a more accurate arrival time.

Solar Panale Installation

Ordinarily, a 2 or 3 man crew will arrive from LVP Renewables to fit your system. As per Irish law, the men will be fully qualified for the works undertaken.

We will mount the solar panel(s) in the agreed location from site survey, and run pipes down to the cylinder location (ordinarily the hot press)

  • We will install the equipment in the agreed location from site survey. If there needs to be a change in plan, the installation crew will normally discuss this where feasible before proceeding.
  • We will conduct our work in an efficient manner and aim to minimise any disruption to you in the house
  • We will talk you through your new system and controls prior to leaving site.
  • We would always strive to be gone by 6pm at the latest.
  • The LVP staff are always contactable for any queries that you may have, we would encourage you to pick up the phone if you have any questions either during the installation, or afterwards