Solar Panels for Farmers – All You Need To Know about the – TAMS Grant

Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes (TAMS 3)

TAMS 3 Grant now open for solar panels for farmers in Ireland

Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes (TAMS 3) provide grants to farmers to build and/or improve a specified range of farm buildings and equipment on their holding.

The following documents list the eligible items and their associated costs.

TAMS Objective

The new Tams 3 has a 60% grant for solar panels for farmers on their farm. The objective of the scheme is to encourage self-consumption of renewable energy on a farm and lowering the carbon footprint of farms in Ireland. While significantly reducing the energy costs on the farm.

LVP Renewables are one of Ireland’s best Commercial Solar PV Installers and have installed systems on farms throughout Ireland!

Applications are made through

How much of a Grant will I be able to get?

Grant aid will only be paid on approved, completed, and eligible expenditure and will be paid at the rate of 60% up to the maximum investment ceiling of €90,000 per farm. The minimum amount of investment €2,000 per farm.

All solar Companies will have to conduct a Solar PV Site Survey to examine your electricity needs and design a system to fit these needs, so you can’t over size a system for your farm! You will be able to sell excess electricity back to the grid. The Solar Survey ensures your system is sized correctly for your farm.

LVP Renewables do free site surveys and examine farmers individual electricity needs and advise on the best system for them, as well as helping with the full grant application process. LVP Renewables are experts in installing Solar Panels for farmers.

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Who can Avail of this 60% grant?

The Scheme is open to farmers who have a minimum of 5 hectares of owned, leased or rented lands which has been declared under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and the Basic Income Support for Sustainability (BISS). In the case of intensive enterprises, generate a minimum of 20 production units from farming or have a Department identifier.

All Farmers will be able to claim 60% of the spend back with the TAMS Grant. In the case of an application by two or more eligible partners in a partnership registered on this Department’s Register of Farm Partnership the maximum eligible investment ceiling shall remain at €90,000.

The maximum size of PV panels eligible for grant aid is 62kW.

Where can I Install the Solar PV Panels?

The panels can be mounted on any shed roof, LVP Renewables recommends south facing or east/west or combination of both.

The installation of the solar panel array on the dwelling house is not permitted.

Ground mounted panels are also an option. The nearest point of a ground mounted panel array has to be located within 500m of the farmyard. The inverter and ancillary equipment has to be located in the farmyard or next to the panel array.

LVP Renewables will recommend panel location when we do our free site survey!

Do I need Planning Permission?

You can install Solar PV panels on rooftops of farm sheds up to 300kW without the need for planning permission, in the event you are near an airport or hospital planning permission may be needed.

For ground mounted systems you can erect 17kW without the need for planning permission!

Can I Install a Battery under the Tams Grant?

Yes, batteries can be included in the system and are covered under the grant.

Do I need a Department of Agriculture Approved Installer?

Yes, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels can only be installed and commissioned by Department accepted installers. The maximum size of PV panels eligible for grant aid is 62kW.

LVP Renewables are department of Agriculture approved installers and operate nationwide.

How do I Apply?

Applications must be submitted online through or give LVP a call on 01-8643838 to get assistance.

What do I need to submit along with my Application?

The following is required by the Dep of Agriculture along with your submission to apply for the 60% Tams Grant:

  • On Farm Solar PV Survey;
  • Drawings and farm structure layout plan.
  • Farmyard layout plan.
  • Site location map for proposed investment.
  • Eircode of site location must be included on application, drawings and plans.
  • Ownership documents or a BPS/BISS Application Map, together with LPIS numbers identifying the land parcels where the proposed investment will be located.
  • Companies Registration Office Certificate and Memorandum and Articles of association.
  • Copies of drawings on which planning permission or declaration of exemption.
  • In certain cases, an engineer’s report.
  • Evidence of leasehold title.

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