This is a system you will never regret getting put into your home or business. It quiet its easy on to use. Once it’s set up there’s very very little maintenance (it’s literally a once a year check that you can do on your own). Once you’ve done that it’s a quick phone call to get any works needed done. Very professional and tidy.

Mark Doyle

Thank you to all of the staff at LVP for making our solar PV install one of the least stressful parts of our new-build. From the minute we met Richard at the Expo to commissioning of the system, we have been fully supported throughout. LVP were great at answering all our questions plus those of our Architect and Engineer when specifying the system we required.

The commission folks were very professional and were in and out in a breeze. Mike was really helpful in describing the system and giving some tips. They left everything spick and span.

A big thanks also to Una for keeping us updated on progress throughout plus the continuing after-sales service.

When we first started looking at Solar PV, we were clear that quality of the product, the technical advice to hand and quality in the install were overriding factors in our choice. Cost was important but quality was a priority – the overall LVP price therefore is excellent value for money.

LVP delivered an exceptional service that was way beyond our expectations throughout the whole project. We wouldn’t miss a heartbeat in recommending LVP to anyone who was considering any kind of solar energy solution.

Dave McDonald

LVP have excellent systems & there work is excellent also , I got my system installed about 10 years ago in my old house, I had hot water all year round even when it was -7. With kids that played a lot of sports the showers where used about 4 times a day and there was no problem with hot water.

I have moved house and I am looking to get the system installed also.

Robert Nolan

Great organisation to deal with. Have their hot water system (thermodynamic plate) in two years now, couldn’t be happier, hot water on demand 24/7 365 days a year, family of four. Always available when looking for advice. Highly recommend.

Brian Clancy

This company was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.

From the initial contact with Richard, who talked through the whole process, and advised us on the best product for our house and circumstances.

Una who organised the fitting and the installers who fitted the systems.

If you are thinking of Solar I couldn’t recommend this company enough for there great Products, professionalism, honesty, and openness.

Donal O’Connell

I found dealing with LVP Renewables a pleasure from start to finish.

The Sales & Installation team were very professional & courteous, with excellent product knowledge.

I am really happy, and pleasantly surprised with the results. There are 3 adults living in the house and we have not had to heat water since the system was installed in August. Its hassle free with the bonus of being environmentally friendly. I would highly recommend the system.

Finian Callan

We have now had LVP’s hot water system for 7 years. It is our only source of hot water in the house for this period of time and we are very happy with it. We never had an issue with the system. We got the system in in 2010 and subsequently my sister and brother in law, their friend and my first cousin got the system in. I would highly recommend the system to others not just because it does exactly what it promises to do but because it is efficient to run and there is always helpful staff at the end of the phone.

Dermot Moynihan

We are delighted with the thermodynamic water heating system you installed in our new self-build house. It is robust , efficient and very economical to run; to have a copious supply of hot water constantly available for basically the cost of running a fridge is pure luxury.

We did evaluate a photovoltaic solar system . There was no difference in capital costs and we opted for your thermodynamic system due to,in our view, its superior operating performance (only requires daylight for effective operation as opposed to direct sunlight for the PV solar system).

We were very impressed with the practical demonstration of your product at the Ideal Homes Exhibition.

Absolute pleasure dealing with your company; everything went so smoothly from initial enquiry, to contract , installation and commissioning.

We have every confidence in your after-sales service but really we are not anticipating many call-outs because of the quality of your product

No hesitation in recommending your thermodynamic water heating system to any prospective purchasers The LVP Team.
I recommend LVP for the hot water solutions. “

Ernest & Mary McDonnell

First of all my apologies for not contacting you earlier to tell about the Thermo Dynamic panel and the hot water system you have installed.I was waiting for the winter months and the electric bills to arrive.
From day one I and my family are enjoying the benefits of the system.
The day of the installation the installers came on time and without any mess finished the job by evening.very neat work.
Now, I am having hot water anytime I want and even during the “minus degree temp.days” I was having 55-degree hot water. I have seen a drop in my electricity bill also.
Thank you very much for the good services The LVP Team.
I recommend LVP for the hot water solutions. “


The main reason we decided to go with this system was the year round hot water supply. Having discussed other types of solar hot water systems with family/friends who have them installed I’d heard they do not work in the winter. We have the LVP thermodynamic system installed for 1 year now and we have had hot water all year round.

The installation team arrived when they said they would. They took the instructions of where I wanted the compressor, shower,etc installed and ran the pipes where i wanted them in the attic to keep the floor space of the attic clear. Paul and his team from Tipperary answered all the questions I had about the system for labeling up the pipes etc and understanding what does what. The shower installed was an extra add on but always has hot water and there is great power in it, the 300lt tank never runs out. Its far better than the electric shower that we used to have.

I would recommend this solar system over the tubing or flat plate solar panels. Friends and family of mine have these types and they do not work very well in the winter. It is definitely the best add-on we made to the house and we should have done it years ago.

Robert Cork
I had a system installed nearly two years ago at this point in time and am delighted with it. I had a call recently from one of your staff telling me that there was a fault with the system and that a repair call was scheduled for Thursday last 28th January 2016.

I want to compliment Vinnie who arrived on time and carried out the repair excellently and efficiently. When the job was done there was no mess and nothing was left out of place – he did a great job.

I never got the opportunity to say in writing that I am extremely happy with the system and indeed believe that it is probably the best investment that I made in my house. The service that I have received always from you is excellent and it is a pity that all businesses are not as efficient or as good as you are. Brian Gleeson was the ultimate gentleman when I was purchasing the system.

Once again my thanks and in particular to Vinnie who was so nice and hard working on the day. He is an excellent ambassador for LVP.


Aodán Mac Suibhne
Balla, Co. Mayo.

Aodan Mac Suibhne
Because I can’t leave an isolated comment, I’ll leave one here. We have had the Thermodynamic panel for about a year and a half now.

When doing research into what type of system would suit our renovation and extension when we bought our home, nothing was coming up as providing 100% of our hot water. Solar panels were guaranteeing ‘up to 60% of your hot water’ and for the prices quoted I would expect 160%. Then we found LVP. Brian from LVP initially came out and discussed the project, surveyed the house and answered all the questions we had on what was at the time an unknown technology to me. We decided to go for it as it made so much sense both practically and financially and it still does today. 100% of our hot water all year round and it’s wonderful to have piping hot water available at a moments notice.

We had a small mishap in the house last year and the tank was damaged but in these days of profiteering and no concern for the customer, LVP’s Gary came out immediately and sorted everything exceptionally quickly, efficiently and with no fuss. I have to say that your brilliant product is only outweighed by your absolutely exceptional customer service. Everyone I have spoken with in LVP have, at all times, been nothing but helpful, friendly and professional. Many, many thanks for your service LVP and all the best with the continued growth. It’s more than deserved!

Eoghan Coleman

Eoghan Coleman

The reason I chose the LVP system was as follows:

1. I looked at the systems that were available and chose your panel system over the tube system as the panel gives hot water 24/7 as opposed to the tube system which only operates in daylight hours. Also no maintenance required to the system.

2. Richard White (sales) answered all my question and was very knowledgeable about the system. The installation team were excellent and completed the work in 1 day as promised.

3. I have plenty of hot water from the system which significantly cuts down on oil usage that was heating the water.

4. I would have no hesitation in recommending the LVP Solar panel system.

Pat Collins

Pat Collins

All our DIY work is now complete and we are now feeling the benefit of our LVP Renewables Solar system, It gives us great pleasure now to have a great shower and to know that the emersion isn’t  on or we don’t have to put on the heating to get hot water.
We can go to any of the taps in the house and low and behold we have hot water.

We would like to thank the lads who came to install the system and who were so professional in their work.
Wishing you and LVP Renewables every success in the future.

To Hot water all year round

Pat and Carmel Morey
Just a note to update you on our experience with the LVP Energie water heating system.

System installed and commissioned on 15th July 2014 and excluding being in “Holiday mode” for a week and shutdown for the service visit on 26th January this year, it has been running on a continuous basis.

I installed a power meter on the system on 8th August 2014 to establish the daily and annual cost.
The tariff was set at €0.2415 / kWh. This rate includes for all the fixed charges and the VAT and is based on our average annual electrical usage.

Reading the meter today it states that the annualised cost per day is €0.45. this works out at a total annual cost of €164.25.

Makeup of the applied kWh gross price:-
€0.1701 per kWh and the fixed costs as follows:-
€0.4493 per day Standing Charge.
€0.714 per 2 month PSO Levy.
13.5% VAT.
For our usage the gross cost is:- €0.2415 per kWh.
As the kWh usage goes up the gross cost per kWh reduces due to the influence of the fixed costs.

• A year of operation has helped to give a reasonably accurate cost of operation.
• In winter the oil fired central heating boiler (Stanley) was used to supplement water heating for periods outside of the 4 hours of electric element heating. Since the installation of the new system this backup has not been necessary resulting in an annual reduction in heating oil usage including better performance from the boiler when on central heating duty only.
• Heating oil usage cost reduction has yet to be calculated.
• The highest cost during the winter period was €0.49. per day. It should be noted that the 2104/5 winter was very mild.

Hot water consumption based on:
* Bathroom and shower use for 3 people.
* Hot water for dishwasher.
* Hot water for washing machine.
* Hot water for domestic sinks.

So far so good.
Talk to you soon

Eddie Stack

Eddie Stack
Firstly I would like to thank all in LVP for a really professional job. It’s not often I have to say that from an initial enquiry to a finished job in my house have I seen and dealt with so pleasant and professional people.

As a Director of a large Sales & Marketing team, Brian Glesson did not only understand his product but was very able to explain to a lay person like me and offered solutions so as to avoid any extra work and for the best efficient out come of the Solar box system.

Paddy and Gary who installed the system left me wondering if they had been in the house at all because there was not a speck of dust after the installed of the Solar box – incredable.

What can I say about the Solar box. It works something that my wife did not think it would do. It takes a little bit of “tweaking” but since its installation we only had to put the immersion on once after we were away for a week.

Hot water in the morning and in the evenings and a full tank of it the only regret is that I did not install the system years ago

Thanks to all again

Best Regards

Leo H

Leo Halpenny July 2015
I had the LVP renewable system for heating water installed approximately two months ago. Since installation I have had constant hot water on demand which means the system is doing exactly what the sales team said it would. Prior to installation the immersion was being left on by accident and the result was too much hot water or we were forgetting to put it on resulting in no hot water when required. Now I don’t even think about hot water – it’s just there!!!
There is also the added benefit that the household heating system no longer goes through the boiler which makes it more efficient. So I am looking forward to lower heating and electricity bills in the future.
Overall I would have no hesitation in recommending this system to anyone.
Stephen Flynn July 2015
We are very pleased with our installation of our solar eco panel system, by LVP Renewables Ltd., we have constant hot water for all our family, with no need to be turning on immersions etc., its a pleasure. We were very happy with the sales team and the installation team, both were very professional, and the installation team were very clean and tidy a credit to themselves and the company. We would recommend this system and we will be passing on our recommendations to any of our family and friends who are thinking of getting in a system like this. Many Thanks to you too Una for your help at the other end of the phone with any quieries we had.
Mary and Gerry Doyle, Kilkenny July 2015
It has almost being two years since we in stalled the LVP Renewable system in our home and what a difference it has made. We are a family of five which includes three teenage girls hot water was alway an issue in our house or should I say the lack of hot water. We have both a manual shower an a electric one we only ever got to use our manual shower during winter months when we would have heating on or when we would turn on immersion during summer months the electric shower was in full swing all year round we felt it was costing so much money to have hot water. We knew that we would have to do something about our hot water problem. We spent some time looking at solar systems we even got some prices which were in some cases extremely expensive and not having a lot of money meant that we could only make a once off investment in our home regarding solar panels which meant we had to be very careful and choose wisely. Then one night my husband was looking on line at solar systems and came across LVP he said that straight away he liked what they were about he like the sound of their system so we made contact with them and the next day we receive a call from Ritchard we made an appointment for him to call to our home. Ritchard called he talked us through the system explaining all about it he was in no rush he answered all our questions and made us both feel at ease he knew that it was a big financial cost for family but he assured us it would be worth it. He most definitely did not push a sale on us he gave us the information and left the rest up to us. After a couple of days we decided to install the system. Ritchard rang us and arranged a date for installation the men came installed the whole system in one day there was no mess or fuss never knew they were in the house the next day we got up to lots and lots of hot water. We never use our electric shower any more there is always so much hot water we can have baths and showers all the time our heating and ESB bill has greatly reduced and most of all no more arguments over who used all the hot water. I can not talk highly enough about this system and recommend it to anyone who asked about it or to anyone thinking about installing,it was worth the investment it really does what it says and I highly recommend it Olivia Geoghegan
Olivia Geoghegan, Westmeath July 2015
My mother had previously installed a solar system from LVP renewables 3 years ago and was very happy. We had been thinking about solar for a number of years and having met Richard at the Millstreet Homes Exhibition I arranged an appointment for him to call and see if a solar system could be installed as we have no emersion tank due to combi system. Since that initial visit, I have been impressed with the professionalism and efficiency shown by both Richard and the 3 excellent work men who installed the system. The whole system was installed, up and running within one day. We now have hot water any time of the day or night. Previously, especially in the summer, we would have had to turn on the heating system to heat the water and someone always forgot to turn it off!! Their after sales service is excellent, and any queries are answered promptly by a very efficient and courteous sales support team. I would have no hesitation in recommending LVP Renewables for their solar systems, they make the whole experience so easy and hassle free.

Yvonne Sheehan, Co. Cork.

Yvonne Sheehan - Cork July 2015
I was considering installing a solar system as we were undertaking extensive refurbishments to our house. I was particularly interested in the thermodynamic solar panels from LVP as it could potentially provide all the hot water all year round as opposed to just some of the hot water.

– The team at LVP were very helpful in explaining the ins and outs of the system, what it entailed, how it worked and ready to answer all my long list of questions. The installation wasn’t straight forward and involved altering the plumbing system, but the LVP installation team were courteous, efficient and handled it professionally. A small adjustment had to be made after the initial installation, but this too was carried out quickly and without fuss.

– After being initially sceptical, the system has been a revelation. We have hot water 24/7 and have had no need to boost the water heating with the gas boiler. There have been no maintenance issues since it was installed and we’re very happy with it.

– Yes I would recommend it over conventional solar, one small panel providing all your hot water vs an array of solar panels providing only a percentage of hot water: no contest.

Best regards

Brendan Coyle – Dublin June 2015
“Right from the initial enquiry, the service we received from LVP Renewables was excellent. The initial consultation was very informative with both engineering and non-engineering language used where appropriate and explained professionally. In fact, LVP even insisted that they would not change over our domestic central heating system until a sufficient time had passed in order for us to become satisfied that the water heating system lived up to our expectations.

Both Installation technicians who arrived promptly as promised carried out their work in a very professional manner and cleaned up after installation. Upon completion of installation, a brief run-through of the system was given in a very simple and clear manner. In fact, some months later when the need arouse for a clarification telephone call, Gary, ensured that we received the right information immediately – thank you!

We also availed of the Vortex Energy system. Within 48 hours of the system being installed there was a considerable increase in heat output from our radiators, which enabled us to reduce the temperature and boiler settings within our house. We have a constant supply of hot water at any time of day.

From our initial cost analysis based on a year on year figure, we estimate that the payback period for the system will be 7 years approx.

I would highly recommend this system offered by LVP Renewables.”

Ciaran Johnson - Kildare June 2015
Hi, We Had 2 Systems Installed, one in November 2013 and 1 in January 2014. We went with the system because it made more sense than a simple solar heating system. We had initally visited some other people who had the system installed and they were clearly very pleased with it. Communication with LVP was always excellent, both by email and phone. The people who came to install the systems were pleasant, competent and efficient. We had some additional issues where one system was installed which meant that installation was more difficult and took a little longer. This was dealt with very well. We are very satisfied with the system. I Cannot believe the luxury of always having hot water, and though it is not in long enough to really judge running costs so far it seems to be very efficient. We would definately recommend LVP, from the beginningof the process all staff from LVP renewables were helpful and efficient- a special mention for Richard, Brian, Gary and Patrick who answered all questions, turned up on time, cleaned up,and called back to be certain the systems were working properly
2 systems installed in November 2013 and January 2014
Hi guys We meant to send this sooner so apologies. We got our solar panels fitted by LVP in May 2013. We had been doing a lot of research into solar panels and even had another company out to asses our house and they gave us a quote for twice as much as what we paid with LVP and these panels only worked in sunny weather conditions. Brian the sales rep called to our house and was just so nice. He knew exactly what he was talking about and we liked the confidence he had in the product. We decided to go ahead with the panels immediately and the team were in contact with us all the way. On the day of installation I was at work and came home expecting to find the house turned upside down but there was no mess. The installation team waited(on a Friday evening) to explain to me how the system worked and Liam even left his number to us in the case of an unlikely emergency. There are four people mainly in our house, sometimes five and we have constant hot water. We had to heat our water with oil prior to getting the panels so were constantly having to buy oil. We have not bought oil since. My best friends parents are now looking into getting the same system in and some people at work are thinking of getting them as I am constantly praising them. Brilliant, professional, reliable, kind, friendly, superb. Just some of the words that come into my head to describe the company, it’s workers and the product. Thanks so much
Nicole and William, Co. Tipperary (Installed May 2013)
We found Alan and the LVP team excellent from the word go. I found that unlike other companies I was using at the time, LVP called when they said they would and kept in communication during the whole sales and installation process. There are five of us in the house and we have constant hot water. The system was installed in Jan 2012 and we haven’t bought oil since! We removed our electric shower and now just use the LVP system for our hot water and a stove for our radiators. Your business deserves to succeed because of how you dealt with me. 10/10
Ted, Wexford (Installed Jan 2012) Testimonial Supplied July 2013)
After doing our research online we decided to contact LVP Renewables. From the minute we spoke to Alan in sales to the day the system was installed we have been delighted with our decision. The installer was great-he took time to explain the system and took great care during the installation. Friends of ours who have different types of solar panels are very jealous of our system! 10/10 for LVP!
Ann, Mayo (Installed Feb 2013) (Testimonial supplied July 2013)
Hi Alan, just a quick e-mail to let you know how pleased I am with the solar system the team at LVP have installed for me. It absolutely does what it says on the tin, hot water 24 hours a day, and lots of it.The service we received from LVP from our first enquiry to installation was first class. Once again, couldn’t be more pleased.
Kevin, Mayo (Installed Feb 2013)
We had a solar panel system fitted by LVP mid 2012 in our new house in Mohill, Co Leitrim. We moved into the house in early August and are delighted with the supply of hot water. Plenty of it day and night, hail rain and snow. During the early stages of internal work on our house I asked LVP if they would fit the gas pipes first so that the air tight membrane could be fitted. They did this without any complaint. The lads returned on a second visit and completed the system. Service levels excellent, well organised and work carried out to a high standard. The panel; is small and not noticeable on the roof. No problems with frosty weather or wind. I had a couple of questions since starting up the system and I have to say LVP is only a phone call away. They even sent us a Christmas card! I would highly recommend LVP and their solar panel system.
Desmond, Leitrim (Installed May 2012)
We are a family of six-two adults and four children ranging in age from 13 to 21 years- and we decided to put in the LVP Renewables Thermodynamic Solar Panel System in early October 2011. The installation team from LVP Renewables carried out their jobs in a very efficient and professional manner. Having now had the system in for 10 months we are delighted with it and there have been no problems to date. We are never in need of hot water as we have had a constant flow since the systems installation in October 2011. Prior to this we replied on oil to heat up our water. If we were away and needed hot water on our return we had to either leave our water on a timer or come home to a house with no hot water. Having had the system in the cold Winter periods of 2011 and during the unfavourable weather conditions of Summer of 2012 we have continued to have hot water for our family. As we are all aware the price of oil is rising daily and we have decided not to use our oil to heat water. We have saved greatly on our oil bill since the installation as we have only had to fill our oil tank once in comparison to one and three quarter fills in previous years. I have only monitored our electricity bills and have not noticed any major increase in our bills or wattage usage. I would honestly recommend anyone considering putting in solar panels to look at LVP Renewables before installing any other system. I am happy to answer any questions prospective customers may have and you can contact me on 08XXXXXXXX.
Seamus. Kerry, (Installed Oct 2011) (Testimonial Supplied Aug 2012)
The installation went great, with no problems at all and the system is up and running fine. In fact the dove tailing between your guys and the plumbing crew was great, the two groups worked together as one and everybody was gone and the house was back to normal by tea-time. In fact, your guys hardly even stopped for lunch! All in all in really pleased and right now am a very happy customer
Alan-Dublin, (Installed July 2012)
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!! This is the best kept secret on the Irish Market. I had a very positive experience with every aspect of this project, from initial meeting to final installation. You have been cooperative, helpful, technically competent, responsive to my concerns, ready with suggestions and always congenial throughout. Even in the darkest days of winter this is the only heating source for my domestic hot water supply with a constant supply of 250 liters of water at 55C. You will only believe it when you have it installed. Go for it.
Nenagh, Co. Tipperary (Installed Dec 2011)
We are delighted with the system. We saw it at a trade show and it appealed to us as it claimed to work in all weather conditions. We find the system is excellent in all weather and there is always an endless supply of hot water day or night. We have also reduced our oil heating and electricity costs since installing your hot water system. Overall we are very satisfied with the system and the service you provided
Sean Brennan Brennans Homemade Foods (Installed February 2011)
We researched other systems but felt that due to our particular climate this system would be better suited. Although we had a very dull summer, we have had a constant supply of boiling water! It is October now and have not used oil since May. There has been no change in our ESB bill except that so far our electricity bill has actually been down on previous bills
Anthony Foley (Installed May 2011)
Hi Richard, I am 100% happy with the system you have installed and cannot find one fault with it. As the system was fitted in the summer, I must admit I was concerned coming into the winter as to whether we would have the same quantity and quality of hot water as we had in the summer but so far, and this morning was a tester, we have the same results as we had in the summer which is amazing. As for installation, I was so happy it was installed in one day by just one man. There was very little mess and we had hot water that evening. It really is a well worth while system. Thanks for all your help.
Keva – Sligo (Installed June 2010)
To whom it may concern, I was initially introduced to this product at a Self Build Show in Millstreet Co. Cork. After the show, I made contact with a sales representative who subsequently called to our site in order to answer my questions about the product. My main concerns in relation to any solar panel system were the efficiency (running cost) of the panels and the after sale service. I can now say that throughout the summer months of this year the running cost was low. A couple of months after the panels were installed I got a call from the sales representative asking me was I happy with the panels. I was very impressed that LVP would make this courtesy call. For me it showed LVP’s confidence in their product. At the time of this call we did not have the panels up and running. Shortly after this, the remainder of the plumbing in the house was ready to be connected. The LVP tank was showing an error on initiation. I rang LVP and they had a member of their technical staff out to me within a couple of days. I was highly impressed as they called on a Saturday afternoon and stayed until they had sorted out the minor issue that would not allow the tank to initialise. In summary, to date, I am very happy with the panels as they are catering for all our hot water needs. I am looking forward to seeing how they will operate throughout the winter months. Testimonial Update March 2013: I’m absolutely delighted with the system. There are four of us in the family and its costing us 50c-60c per day for all our hot water. Testimonial Update #2 August 2013: “To all at LVP, I just want to update my testimonial after 3 years of use. I am over the moon with the system. I am saving a lot of money. It is costing me 60c a day on average, which is not a lot to pay for the luxury of hot water on tap every day and no back up from the oil. I am happy to recommend this system to all around
Dermot Moynihan (Installed February 2010). Updated Testimonial given March 2013 & August 2013
Dear Richard, I would like to thank LVP for the excellent service that we received both during the planning and installation phases of our hot water system. The system has been working brilliantly ever since it was installed and I have been recommending it to anyone looking at improving the efficiency of their hot water system. It is great to work with such a friendly and efficient company where everything was on time and very straightforward Kind Regards,
Andy Fox (Installed April 2010)
Hello Richard, I would like to compliment you and your company from the first initial phone call of enquiry about your system. The information and courtesy shown was top class. You kept to your word regarding installation, the men doing the work arrived on time in the middle of the floods around Galway, last November09, they found alternative routes and were spot on time. The efficiency was a joy to watch, no waste of time, did the job no fuss, no mess and finished with the system up and running at the time they said. We are more than delighted since we have loads of hot water at all times, even when we had guests staying from Aussie and as you know they use a lot of hot water the system was so efficient despite the fact it was being used to such a degree. During the terrible cold spell again it was always efficient and since we got it installed we say it was our best decision yet, We are very happy with you your company and our system. We can not recommend it enough it is so great and we are delighted with it. Kindest Regards, Update-November 2012 We are still delighted with our system and highly recommend LVP Renewables. Their after sales service is excellent-Richard has come across as honest and trustworthy since day one and has been contactable with any queries we have had.
Mary Kelldur (Installed November 2009) (Testimonial Updated November 2012)
Dear Richard, I am writing to commend both you and your team on a job well done. The installation of the Eco300im in our house is something that I am delighted we did. Not only does the system fit perfectly into our hot press, it provides us with 100% of our domestic hot water requirements. I had personally requested for you to take special care in my house, as I was worried about damage to my staircase, and the house being left in disarray. Not only were your staff courteous and professional onsite, they left the site immaculate upon completion. I am delighted to recommend this product to any potential customer. This is a new wave in modern solar technology, I feel that the future is bright for this product. As a further note to this reference, as a director of Expert Hardware, I have recently made an agreement with LVP Renewables Ltd, from now on Expert Hardware will have exclusive retail rights to this product. This is an affirmation of how impressed I have been with it working in my house.
David Baker (Installed January 2010)
I would like to tell you that the thermodynamic hot water system you installed has been working successfully for the last number of months now and it allows all four of us to have enough hot water in the morning for a shower and there is still some left after that. We also use the water around lunch hour and again in the evening. We have also availed of showers in the evening and it is good to know that even if the weather is dull or wet we still get hot water. You guys did a very good job installing the unit and I expected more of a mess but was pleasantly surprised with the end result. The small foot print on the roof as well the very light panel makes this perfect for our house as I was dreading putting up two sixty kilo solar panels which as well as being heavy would have been unsightly on our slate roof. I have to congratulate you guys for professionalism as from the time we met at the show in Clonmel to the time we had it installed and working, you guys were on the phone at every stage to plan and offer advice. We contacted eleven companies at this show and a previous show in Cork out of which three people returned with a follow up call. I would have no hesitation in dealing with you or your company again and would highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about a solar solution like we were to first look at your product which is far superior.
Vincent Keeley (installed July 2009)
We are very pleased to report that the Water System which your company, L.V.P, supplied is operating very well. I would like to compliment you on the extremely efficient way that your team installed the new 300 litre Cylinder and erected the scaffolding with the minimum of disturbance and mess around the place. It was definitely the most hassle free job compared to other work we have had done over the years in this very old house, despite the fact that the men had to get up on to the roof..and also climb around the attic.. We hardly knew they were there. And furthermore, it only took them just over a Day to complete. The Heat Exchange, Solar Panel is very discreetly placed and it was such a relief not having to have major work done on the roof in order for it to be erected. Such simple and intelligent technology ! Congratulations to all concerned and a BIG THANK YOU for endless hot water.. a lovely big cylinder which is now warming up the hot press and also giving us more space for storage combined with reducing our expenses over a period of time. If any future clients wish to talk to us about the system we would be happy to pass on our comments.
Marion and Godfrey Greene (Installed January 2010)
The ECO 250 system has been in operation in my house for the last six months, the system is providing all the hot water requirements for the house, including three pumped power showers. The system is standalone unsupported by the central heating system, although this has saved on not having to have the gas running just to heat the water, it has in general increased the overall efficiency of the heating system which now does not require to heat the hot water cylinder, thus heating the house a lot quicker. Even throughout the cold winter spell that we have had, the efficiencies provided by the system were excellent and gave us ample hot water. It is of great comfort now to live in a house with constant affordable hot water. I commend the team in LVP for their quick efficient installation. They have been ever present with any queries that I have had since the installation of the system. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this system to potential customers, who want to install a thoroughly effective and efficient solar system.
John Derham (Installed July 2009)
Hi Alan, Sorry for not writing earlier. I’d like to thank you and your team for your recent installation of our Hot Water System. I must say we are absolutely delighted with the installation a couple of months ago. What a joy it is to have boiling hot water on demand 24/7. No longer do we have to go to turn on the immersion to have a bath, our 3 bathrooms have a constant supply of piping hot water, even in the recent sub-zero temperatures outside and the dark days and evenings the system is doing exactly what you said it would, it generates hot water no matter what the conditions outside, day or night. Unlike other solar heating systems , this is not dependent on weather conditions,,,,,, hail rain or snow, we have hot water anytime….. It is by far the best investment we have made for the house, and I would have no hesitation in recommending this system to anyone, in fact if any of your customers would like to come and see the system working , that would be no problem whatsoever……I’m sure it will add value to our home ! Also I must thank both you and your crew for a fast and totally efficient installation service. You came to us on the day that you said you would and at the time you promised, which was an added bonus. As you said , you had the system installed in a day , and within a number of hours we had hot water !!!! Your installation went without flaw and the work was done both neatly and tidily. It was a pleasure to have you work in our home. I remember clearly over the following days you gave me a call to see how the system was running, and as I said before I am delighted, it’s great to get after sales service like that , it’s appreciated….. Once again , on behalf of everyone here enjoying the hot water, thanks again for a job well done !!!! Thanks,
Liam Hannan (Installed October 2010)
We fitted solar panels from LVP Renewables when we moved in to our new house in June 2010. After eight months we haven’t used any other source to heat our hot water, even during the cold winter. We are two adults and two children living in the house. We are very happy with the system and would have no problem recommending LVP as we find the system excellent and customer support from LVP has been outstanding.
Henrik Johansson, Rathgar, Dublin 6 (Installed May 2010)
Hi Richard, all going great here. More than enough hot water for a family of four we can all have a bath and shower every day and plenty water for washing up etc. We are very happy with your service from when we first made contact with you right up to the installation. we cannot recommend it enough. We hadnt heard about this until we came across it by chance on Ireland am so hopefully you will get more opportunities to advertise it.
Brian and Eileen Simpson (Installed May 2010)
Despite having two of the harshest winters in living memory we have been supplied with hot water without recourse to the backup immersion or central heating since installation. We thought the system would suit Irish weather conditions and sunlight better than conventional solar panels and we were right!
Eugene Horgan (Installed November 2009)
We like the system simply because it works hail, rain, wind and shine, 365 days a year. Completely satisfied with this system. Came through the coldest weather no problem. We have hot water 24/7 and use no oil to heat it. Update Aug 2012: We have had the system in nearly 2 years. it has operated extremely well for us-absolutely no problems at all even during the -16 degree winter of Jan/Feb 2011. I would recommend the system without reservation. It adds little or nothing to our ESB bill.
Liam Ashe Installed Autumn 2010. Updated testimonial given in August 2012
This system provided 100% of our hot water, very very pleased
Neil Ryan (Installed March 2011)
A more efficient system that gave us better bang for our buck! From start to finish I found the LVP team to be excellent, installers Brian & Eamonn especially! Regards, Denis
Denis Whelan March 2011
Traditional solar panels have very limited efficiency all year round. Thermodynamic heat exchange makes sense in the Irish climate. Does exactly what I (and LVP) expected it to; constant hot water all year round. Also, the return on investment is better than I expected due to better efficiency than predicted!. Very satisfied overall.
Niall McNamara, September 2010
We chose this LVP because their product offers hot water all year round. Very Happy with the system. Plenty of water at all times from a very neat & simple system. Just 1 flat plate on the roof gives us all our hot water
Michael Hayes, January 2011
We are delighted with the system. We saw it at a trade show and it appealed to us as it claimed to work in all weather conditions. We find the system is excellent in all weather and there is always an endless supply of hot water day or night. We have also reduced our oil heating and electricity costs since installing your hot water system. Overall we are very satisfied with the system and the service you provided
Sean Brennan (Brennans Homemade Foods), installed Feb 2011
Very pleased with system as we have hot water 24/7 without requiring backup. We chose this system over others as it promised to deliver constant hot water. It’s a really good system; since the day I put it in I’ve never had to think about hot water because it’s always there. Even on a cold frosty night after my 3 girls have had showers before going out it works away and you have a full tank of hot water in the morning. No solar system I’ve seen can deliver that. I must say LVP are a very professional company and it was a pleasure dealing with them-always arrived when they said they would, always kept in touch and the installation was very neat. Brian in sales and Brian the installer were very pleasant and easy to work with, again keeping in touch to see that the system is working ok and that I’m happy with it. Brian recently called me to thank me for speaking to potential customers; I would recommend the system and the company to anybody. Testimonial Update August 2012: The real harsh winters had passed when our system was installed but on a frosty night of around -3 degrees C my 3 girls will have showers before going out and I will still have a tank of hot water in the morning. Only on one day since the system was installed have I had to supplement the system and that was because 8 showers were had during the way and we had 50 people in the house so there was a lot of washing up involved! I never have to worry about hot water any more, its on tap 24 hours a day. The system is cheap to run-my electricity bills have dropped because we don’t use the immersion heater and also the house heats quicker with the oil heating because we don’t have to heat the water first.
Gabriel Breen, installed January 2011. Update given August 2012
I am very happy with the new system. It is 12 months since we installed the LVP panel and tank, and since then I have had no need to use oil at ALL, even though we had a very harsh and cold Winter. Every day through the Winter, we had a full tank of hot water and didn’t once run out. The engineer and plumber were in and out of the house in approx 8 hours and left the place as they got it. A totally professional job Testimonial Update August 2012: The system has operated very well for us in harsh winter conditions-we have always had hot water. We have found the after sales service to be very good and efficient. We would gladly recommend LVP to anyone.
Jason Stack, installed June 2010. Testimonial Updated: August 2012