Photovoltaic Solar Panels

PV Solar Panels are becoming ever more common place in the Irish marketplace. PV Solar Panels is short for Photovoltaic Solar Panels. These panels are a great means of generating free electricity.

PV Solar Panels generate DC (Direct Current) on your roof and use inverter technology to change this to AC (Alternating Current) for use all around your home.

Before the introduction of a new Grant for Solar PV in July 2018, the technology was more commonly used in a new build scenario, as they were seen as an easy and affordable way of complying with “Part L” of the building regulations. They are now commonly used in a retrofit scenario. You can send us your eircode, we will be able to normally size a system for you over the phone in minutes.

As things stand, if you don’t utilise all electricity generated from your PV Solar Panels, it will go back to the grid and you won’t benefit at all from this. In order to prevent this from happening, PV Solar Panels can be used in conjunction with surplus water heating or battery storage to store any excess energy generated for use in non-day light hours. Please click here to find out more about our battery storage option

For those who wish to invest in our thermodynamic solar solution also, most models have a “dry line signal” built into its control system. This can be a good way to utilise any excess energy generated from your PV Solar Panels.

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