We live in a world where the need for sustainable and renewable solutions is so very important to reduce the environmental impact on our world and become more and more environmentally responsible. Here at LVP Renewables, our mission is to minimise carbon footprint and create a cleaner and greener future and we have a team of specialists that are dedicated to guiding you through this journey with the use of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels. 

Solar panels are a powerful tool that creates renewable electricity; all using the sun’s power as a source of sustainable energy. We want to enable individuals and businesses to make eco-conscious choices and by introducing the use of solar panels to heat your water; you are playing a key role in reducing your environmental impact as well as contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

We understand that the cost of living continues to rise and that we all need to manage the bills that we face. One bill that perhaps gets overlooked; is the water bill. We can of course all adopt simple habits like fixing leaks, choosing water-efficient appliances and being mindful of the pure volume of water that you are using; in the kitchen; or in the bathroom for example which will no doubt help and have a positive impact on the environment. 

Using Thermodynamic Solar Panels is a solution that will have a vast impact on our environment and are ideal for Ireland. Thermodynamic Solar Panels excel for a straightforward reason; a single application can provide a family of six with 100% hot water throughout the entire year. This efficient system gives people vast significant savings on both gas and electricity bills. Within this post we learn more about Thermodynamic Solar Panels, their benefits and how they can save you money.  


What are Thermodynamic Solar Panels?

Thermodynamic Solar Panels ensure that you can consistently produce 100% of your hot water using just one solar panel. The panels are usually placed on your roof and will use all Irish weather conditions to maximise how effective it is; for you so it doesn’t matter if it is raining, hailing, windy or wall to wall sunshine. It works by vapourising an extremely cold inert refrigerant gas through the panel which then travels to a compact compressor near your water cylinder.  The gas generates heat, which is then transferred to your hot water via a heat exchanger. A single thermodynamic solar panel application can offer a family of 6 people 100% of its hot water every single day of the year.



Thermodynamic Solar Panels boast reliability due to their design. Regardless of the condition, these panels vaporise refrigerant gas, transferring the generated heat to your hot water. The exceptional process; combined with a small compressor, offers you a consistent supply of hot water to your home. This is powerful weather-resistant technology and provides a reliable and sustainable solution.


Panel Location of your Choosing

Enjoy the flexibility of positioning your Thermodynamic Solar Panel on the south, east, or west-facing side of your roof. This versatility means that you can maximise the sun and energy absorption throughout the day. Whether you are capturing the morning rays in the east or the evening sunsets in the west, the Thermodynamic Solar Panel adapts, meaning that you can maximise how efficient it is as it can capture the sun from multiple angles, making it a great practical, convenient, and environmentally friendly choice. 


Cheap Running Costs

Thermodynamic Solar Panels are very cost-effective due to their low and efficient energy consumption. The panels maximise the Irish weather conditions to heat a refrigerant gas, which requires very low energy input. This process is independent of direct sunlight and it ensures consistent hot water production. Just a single, small panel meets the hot water needs for a family of six, including showers, water for cooking and cleaning. 

The running costs are considerably low also as they work with all and during all weathers and maintain continuous, energy-efficient hot water production. The compact design and the fact that they can work in all weathers and to various orientations all contribute to minimal energy consumption making it a low cost, cost saving choice.  

To learn more about the 3 different Thermodynamic Solar Panels; and to delve deeper into the world of heating your hot water; head over to our website and for more information, reach out to us today. Please call us on 01 864 3838 or complete our online form and we will get back to you.