LVP Renewables supply reliable commercial Photovoltaic systems using energy sector knowledge to deliver energy savings and generate free electricity for your business. The solar PV systems can range from 2kw to 300kw with normal paybacks between 4 and 10 years depending on complexity and system components. We can offer roof and ground based systems depending on your requirement. All systems are nonpenetrative and can be engineered to be installed on membrane, bitumen or metal roofs. All systems are professionally calculated to take into account roof capacity, wind loadings, maintenance and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there grants available? Yes, there are. LVP can assist you with this process. Commercial grants of up to 30% off the capital outlay are available.
  • How much will I save? A lot depends upon your existing bills. We can design a system in keeping with your existing setup. A quick estimate can be offered over the phone
  • How can I get a quote? All we require to quote you, is a copy of the previous years ESB bills, your Eircode, and a 5 minute chat on the phone to offer you a quote

Our systems are turnkey but bespoke whilst using standard modules of equipment from trusted global suppliers. We passionately believe that the most underutilised asset in Ireland is Commercial roof space and that this should be leveraged to safeguard your company against rising energy bills in the future by producing free electricity.

We can apply to secure grant funding for Solar PV projects through the SEAI SEC (Sustainable Energy Communities) Program. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is offering assistance for energy efficient community projects through capital funding, available to business in Ireland by investing in Solar PV technology. We will prepare and submit your application and manage the whole process from start to finish.

Factors to remember:

  • More than 50 square metres of solar panels needs planning permission
  • On systems larger than 11kw 3 phase a G10 relay is required and we will need to liaise with the ESB to arrange.
  • The SEC scheme does not apply to new builds just existing commercial space.

LVP have large experience in Solar Installations. We have installed systems in schools, creches, farms, office buildings, and fast-food outlets to name but a few. Please call us today, on (01)8643838 to see if we can assist you.