Non- Domestic Microgen Grant

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) provides financial assistance to help
businesses and other sectors to install solar PV panels to generate electricity on site.
This technology reduces commercial electricity costs and increases security of supply,
while enhancing a positive sustainability image. Grant funding is available for systems
up to a maximum 1000kWp.

The grant amount you receive is based on the standard output of your solar PV system.
A solar PV system with an output of a maximum 1000kWp can be grant-funded through
the scheme. If a larger size system is installed, then the installation will not be
considered eligible to claim the NDMG grant. The maximum grant offering is €162,600*
and this is available for systems from 1kWp to a maximum of 1000kWp.

Who can apply?
This grant is available to:
 Businesses
 The agricultural sector
 Public sector bodies
 Schools
 Community centres
 Non-profit societies

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