Are you on the search for reliable yet affordable ways to have all year-round warmth in your home without breaking the bank? Interested in ways to reduce your bills and save on your heating? It is time to say goodbye to spiralling heating bills and hello to an affordable and warm home without compromising on comfort. In today’s world, it is so important to prioritise sustainability and be environmentally aware so reducing your environmental impact is crucial. 

Here at LVP Renewables, we are committed to this and therefore prioritise your comfort and peace of mind by offering modern and highly efficient central heating solutions. Our aim is for our customers to live in a warm and cosy home; without any worries about how much it costs. Our top recommendation for meeting all your central heating needs is our Solar Block. Within this post we will learn more about our Solar Block and its benefits. 


What is a Solar Block?

Solar Block is a Thermodynamic Block, and it is made up of components that have been delicately crafted to create power to heat your home. It doesn’t stop heating your home as it also guarantees hot water every day of the year and it is compatible with underfloor heating systems. It combines the advantages of an air-to-water heat pump but with rooftop panels also which improves the performance significantly when we have several sunny consecutive days.  


Where is the Best Location for the Panels?

Placing the panels on your roof is common, but it’s not always necessary for thermodynamic panels. If you have available space on your garage roof or in the garden, there are plenty of alternative options. This flexibility allows you to take full advantage of available areas in your home meaning that regardless of your home’s layout, you can still benefit from our thermodynamic solar block panels and maximise just how good they are at generating renewable energy.


The Additional use of a Heat Pump

Living in Ireland; the weather is changeable and sunshine is not guaranteed. This does not stop how efficient the Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panel is at all. It comes equipped with a Solar Keymark, which certifies it as a solar panel, and it also is paired with an integrating heat pump which means lower running costs compared to other solar options as it guarantees to work; regardless of whether the sun shines or not so assuring you of an all year round warm and cosy home as well as hot water. 


What are the Benefits of the Solar Block? 

There are many benefits to the Solar Block; more of which can be found on our website. Below have highlighted just two of these in more detail.


Heating at a Low Temperature

The ability to efficiently heat your home at low temperatures is a big benefit to Thermodynamic Solar Panels. It ensures improved performance even in cooler weather conditions that we know Ireland can deliver to us and therefore it maximises how much energy is created throughout the year. It captures and uses heat from the air and maintains a consistent heating level as well as contributing to reliable hot water for your home. This makes the panels dependable, reliable, and absolutely energy efficient and sustainable.


Works with Underfloor Heating

The compatibility of thermodynamic solar panels with underfloor heating systems offers several benefits. It offers an even heating distribution throughout your home and ensures a consistent warmth from the ground up. Underfloor heating as we know is known for its comfort and energy efficiency due to its operating at low temperatures compared to traditional radiators; which is like the Solar Panels as they also operate at low temperatures; which is great for energy efficiency and being environmentally aware. 


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