LVP has evolved over 40 years to become the successful renewable energy company it is today – your best choice for Solar Panels Ireland.

  • 1974 – LVP is founded as Leisure Vehicles and Products
  • 1980 – LVP moves to Coolock
  • 2007 – LVP Representatives visit Energie in Portugal and subsequently attain the distribution rights in Ireland. 18 months of product testing follow in the Irish climate
  • 2010 – LVP Renewables Ltd is set up and moves to its premises in Finglas Dublin 11.
  • 2013 – LVP Renewables Ltd achieves its 1000th installation in thermodynamic solar technology
  • 2016 – LVP Renewables Ltd achieves its 2000th installation in thermodynamic solar technology
  • 2019 – LVP Renewables Ltd achieves it’s 4000thsolar installation, focusing now on Thermodynamic Solar and Solar Photovoltaic systems

The Results From over 1100 Customers Were:

Friends had recommended them 43%
We were able to provide 100% Of their hot water 10%
We Are Specialists In Thermodynamic Solar Panels 8%
Their Friends Said Our After Sales Service Is Second To None 8%
The panels worked in any type of weather 7%
We Only Need To Install 1 Panel 7%
They Are Virtually Maintenance Free 3%
We Were Able To Provide Real Life Examples 4%
The Panel Is So Small 6%
We Have The Largest Amount of Installations In Ireland (Over 1000) 4%

So Call Us Now And Find Out How You Too Can Save With Renewable Energy!