The Thermodynamic Block used for central heating.Thermodynamic Solar Block

The Thermodynamic Block can be used for a number of different applications, but most commonly for central heating. This revolutionary technology adopts all the benefits of an air to water heat-pump, but contains panels on the roof to ensure vastly improved performance during times of good solar gain.

The system can come in both a low temperature (55°C) and high temperature (65°C) option.  The number of panels needed on your roof will depend upon it’s size and heat requirement.

It is not always essential to put the panels on your roof either. Should you have room on the garage roof or even space in the garden, there are lots of options as to where the thermodynamic panels can be located in order to take full advantage of whatever space availability you might have in your home.

Some key benefits to the thermodynamic solar block are as follows;

  1. Very efficient heating at low temperature
  2. No maintenance essential
  3. Heating and hot water in one simple solution
  4. Possibility of alternating between home heating in Winter and swimming pool heating in Summer
  5. Guarantee of production of hot water for heating at 55°C during the winter
  6. Highly efficient scroll compressor
  7. High quality stainless steel plates exchanger
  8. Small indoor unit
  9. Works with underfloor heating, radiators, convector fans or fan coils

The Truth about Thermodynamics

A lot has been said about thermodynamic solar panels over the years. A lot of this has been good, and some has been bad. Like any technology, there are good brands, bad brands, cheap and expensive products. Below are some of the facts laid bare.

Is it really solar?

The Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panel contains a Solar Keymark which qualifies it as a solar panel. It does however utilise heat-pump technology also. The reality is that in a country like Ireland, where we cannot guaranty sunshine, this product offers lower overall running costs than other solar products with better guaranteed performance. What you are guaranteed is hot water all year round. You are also guaranteed to have a better performing system if the sun is shining.

Are Thermodynamic Solar Panels new?

LVP Renewables Ltd brought Thermodynamic Solar Panels to Ireland in 2007. We have tried and tested the systems in our own family homes over the years. In late 2017, we exceeded 3000 installations, with an ever growing order book.

Energie have been manufacturing this technology for almost 30 years, continually improving the product. There are some other brands out there. LVP have installed most of them on a trial basis. We have had to remove some of these competitor’s technologies for major product failings. Whilst there may be cheaper options, nothing compares to the original and best. It is also important to note that these systems must be installed by a properly qualified engineer or problems can arise.

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