Air to water heat-pumps, also known as air source heat pumps (ASHP), are a form of heating system which transfers heat from outside a building to the inside through use of a refrigerant system.

Air to water heat-pumps absorb heat from outside air and transfer this energy to domestic hot water supplies, hot water-filled radiators and underfloor heating. As air contains heat even when it is at sub-zero temperatures, this form of heating system is perfect for use in Ireland’s relatively moderate climate and will provide you with an abundant source of heat all year long.

Benefits of Air to Water Heat-Pumps

Installing Air to Water Heat-Pumps

Air to water heat-pump installation is a quick and easy process. Air to water heat-pumps consist of two main components: an outdoor unit and a condenser. The outdoor unit absorbs heat from outside air, which is transferred to the condenser. The condenser in turn transfers accumulated heat throughout your house and to your domestic hot water supply.

Air to water heat-pumps do not require the same installation effort as other heating systems. For example, installing a ground source heat pump requires geothermal drilling, whereas air to water heat-pumps are simply connected to an indoor heating system via insulated pipes.

Air to water heat-pumps offer homeowners a number of benefits over other types of heating systems:

  • Can be utilised all year round
  • Provide an unlimited source of heat (outside air)
  • Are typically less expensive to install compared to other heating systems
  • Suitable for retro fit and new build applications, and in areas where space is limited
  • Reduce energy bills and improve the energy classification of a building
  • Very low noise emissions and reduced heating time
  • Minimal maintenance due to efficient design

Air to water heat-pumps are a cost-effective and energy efficient heating solution for both modern and older homes. This form of heating system helps to lower energy costs while providing a cleaner and more sustainable form of heat.

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