Heat GenuisCentral heating controls are the interface used to control your heating system. Central heating controls turn your heating system on and off and set the temperature of your boiler and radiators.

At LVP Renewables we’ve introduced Heat Genius to our line of renewable energy products. Heat Genius is the next generation of central heating controls and is designed to give you maximum control with minimal effort.

What is Heat Genius?

Heat Genius is an advanced form of central heating controls which enables homeowners to reduce their energy bills through the careful management of the heating in each individual room. By managing the heat of individual rooms, homeowners can ensure that energy isn’t being wasted heating empty rooms. Heat Genius automatically learns the best heating schedule for your home, helping you to save money while keeping your home warm and comfortable.

The Heat Genius app is used in conjunction with our wireless radiator valves, and as a result you can adjust the heating of your home even when you’re not there through a phone, tablet or any other wireless device. You can set different temperatures for different rooms at various times in the day, a process known as zoned heating, removing the possibility of wasting energy heating unused rooms.

Using Your Heat Genius Central Heating Control System Efficiently

Using your Heat Genius central heating control system in an effective and efficient manner will help you reduce your energy bills. For instance, turning down your thermostat by just 1°C will make a big difference in the long run, and you should always program Heat Genius to run only when the house is occupied. Remember to use Heat Genius to turn the heating off in rooms that are empty, and set radiator valves to a low setting.

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