radiators not heating upWhat to Do When Your Radiators Won’t Heat Up

Radiators not heating up could be a sign of trapped air in the heating system. Trapped air can be quite damaging to heating systems as it corrodes and shortens the lifespan of radiators, pumps and boilers. To combat trapped air in a heating system and to prevent your radiators from not heating up we suggest you introduce a Tadpole Deareator, a unique device used to remove air from heating systems and reduce heating bills by up to 23.7%.

Common Causes of Radiators Not Heating Up

Before you check your heating system for trapped air, we recommend investigating the following common causes for radiators not heating up:

  • Is the radiator’s valve fully closed?
  • Is the radiator’s thermostat valve set correctly and working properly?
  • Is the radiator’s lock shield valve set correctly?
  • Are the radiator’s valves blocked with limescale?

You will need to flush out your heating system if you radiators are not heating up because of limescale.

Tadpole Deareator

If your radiators are not heating up because of trapped air in your heating system, then you should consider purchasing a Tadpole Deareator. The Tadpole Deareator is fitted to your heating system and removes air and oxygen to an inert level of 0.2pp from the heating system’s water supply.

This device is designed to ensure longer lasting heating systems, and does so by preventing air from trapping in the system, which greatly reduces the risk of corrosion in radiators, pumps, boilers and valves. The Tadpole Deareator improves the efficiency of heating systems, preventing radiators from not heating up and removes the need to bleed radiators.

As a result, the Tadpole Deareator can save you up to 23.7% on your heating bills. This device works well with all kinds of wet heating systems, and it typically takes less than two hours to fit the Tadpole Deareator to your existing heating system.

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