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Solar System For Home In Dublin

A solar system for home is a great way to lower your monthly energy costs and also increase the value of your property. However, one of the most overlooked advantages of this technology is that it provides a reliable alternative source of power. As we increase our dependency on technology, we must also find ways [...]

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PV Solar Panels: Efficient Power Systems with Excellent Low Light Performance

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems are a highly reliable type of power system perfect for use throughout Ireland. PV solar panels provide homeowners with maximum energy production even in low light conditions and challenging weather. Utilising a robust and efficient design, PV solar panels will help you reduce energy bills by providing access to an [...]

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Benefits of Air to Water Heat-Pumps

Air to water heat-pumps, also known as air source heat pumps (ASHP), are a form of heating system which transfers heat from outside a building to the inside through use of a refrigerant system. Air to water heat-pumps absorb heat from outside air and transfer this energy to domestic hot water supplies, hot water-filled radiators [...]

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Save Money with Thermodynamic Solar Panels

Renewable energy sources are an inexpensive method for providing your home with hot water. Renewable energy keeps energy bills down and ensures that you have more than enough hot water throughout the year. There are a number of different options available to Irish homeowners looking to utilise renewable energy technology, and solar panels are among [...]

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Heat Genius: The Next Generation of Central Heating Controls

Central heating controls are the interface used to control your heating system. Central heating controls turn your heating system on and off and set the temperature of your boiler and radiators. At LVP Renewables we’ve introduced Heat Genius to our line of renewable energy products. Heat Genius is the next generation of central heating controls [...]

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Why ThermoDynamic Solar Panels are Better

Thermodynamic Solar Panelling is a revolutionary, market leading technology in renewable energy. Both in Ireland and abroad thermodynamic panels are becoming the market leading technology for water heating. Using a clever system of utilising the heat in the atmosphere to harness a thermodynamic reaction. Thus giving your home 100% of its hot water. How is [...]

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