Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems are a highly reliable type of power system perfect for use throughout Ireland. PV solar panels provide homeowners with maximum energy production even in low light conditions and challenging weather.

Utilising a robust and efficient design, PV solar panels will help you reduce energy bills by providing access to an unlimited energy source.

What are PV Solar Panels?

The PV solar panel system is a power system that captures solar energy from the sun through use of photovoltaics. Sunlight is absorbed through the solar panels and then directly converted into electricity. A solar inverter is used to alternate the current from DC to AC and supply your home with electricity.

PV solar panels are suitable for homes with limited space as PV solar panel units are capable of producing high yields of electricity. PV solar panels are typically roof-top mounted and can generate up to 165 W/m2 power density. This type of power system works well even on mornings, evenings and cloudy days.

This is due to the PV solar panels’ design, which features advanced surface and black surface texturing placed atop a black frame and backsheet. The design enables PV solar panels to capture the maximum amount of daily sunlight possible.

The PV solar panel system is highly reliable thanks to the its robust housing, and can withstand even the most challenging of weather conditions such as 35mm hail stones travelling at 97 km/h. All PV solar panel systems are required to pass an electroluminescence inspection, and are subject to over 30 in-house tests including UV, TC, HF and more.

Installing a photovoltaic solar panel system is a smart way to save money on your energy bills, and these highly efficient and reliable power systems are perfect for homeowners with limited space,

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