Solar Photovoltaic Panels Vs Thermodynamic Solar

Here in LVP, we specialise in both photovoltaic solar panels and thermodynamic solar panels. We think that both options offer a fantastic addition to the family home, however which system suits your family best will all depend upon the existing house setup and what the priorities are for the family in terms of the possible integration of renewable energy into the home. If you want a system to offer hot water every day of the year, thermodynamic solar is of real benefit. If you want to reduce your electricity bill as much as possible, photovoltaic solar is a great way to achieve this.

Thermodynamic Solar
This one panel solution can offer a family of 6 people 100% of it’s hot water every single day of the year. It uses a small compressor to assist the solar panel in heating the water. A thermodynamic solar panel could also be referred to as a “solar assisted heatpump”. Since 2007, LVP have now installed over 4000 of these thermodynamic systems in family homes across Ireland.

People buy this product because it guarantees hot water every day of the year. While it has a small running cost, it saves a lot on the bills. It is also good for the environment, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Photovoltaic Solar
We install photovoltaic solar panel arrays as small as 6 panels, normally as high as 18 panels in a domestic residence. The purpose behind these systems is to generate free electricity during the year. Generation will be better in Summer than Winter. While it is easy to do a quick return on investment calculation over the phone with LVP, you should expect about a 7-9 year payback on photovoltaic solar panels, assuming you can get the grant.

LVP can also fit hot water diverters on any photovoltaic solar systems, meaning that if you generate lots of excess power, this can divert to your immersion and offer some hot water. This should not be confused as a conventional hot water solar panel however, as it will not guarantee hot water.

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