TadpoleLVP Renewables has just launched a new product, and it could save you serious money on your heating bills.

We all know that our home heating can be a hassle, with maintenance and the regular need for ‘bleeding’ to make sure it’s working properly for the winter.

LVP has the solution with an effective new device called The Tadpole.

It connects to any wet heating system and can be fitted in as little as two hours. The Tadpole is designed to effectively remove the air from your system, immediately leading to more efficient heating throughout your home.

Added benefits include reduced corrosion as the levels of oxygen are brought down to an inert level which means that your system will require less maintenance. And as The Tadpole doesn’t have any moving parts it is guaranteed to last for years without any issues. In fact it’s very likely to last longer than any other part in your heating system!

The effectiveness of The Tadpole will be easy to see in your household bills, with savings of 23.7% a year according to a test by the Tralee Institute of Technology. You might get even better results, and in most cases you’ll find the cost of installation repaid in just two years.

Get more information about The Tadpole from LVP right now by calling 018643838 or filling in the Contact Form online.