Solar Box Hot WaterThe Thermodynamic Solar Panel System from LVP Ireland is an ideal solution for endless hot water day and night and you can read more about it over here.

But if you happen to already have an solar compatible cylinder at home, there’s a new product which is even more suited to your needs – The Solar Box!

The Solar Box is all about making things easier for you. It removes the step of installing a large new hot water cylinder in your home if you already have one. This might also be a preferable option if you have a smaller hot press that might not fit the cylinder.

The new system allows for all the benefits of the Thermodynamic system – using advanced technology to draw heat from the atmosphere even during the winter and at night.

The Solar Box is a small unit which does all of this work alongside a Thermodynamic panel and it can easily be installed in your home with a minimum of hassle.

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