lvp-renewables-unaIn our new series of posts we’re meeting the staff at LVP Renewables headquarters in Dublin. First up is Una who is part of the Sales Support team.


What’s your name and job title?
Una Barnes – Sales Support

How long have you been with LVP?
Coming up to 2 Years in May 2017


What does your average day look like?
No day is an average day – it can vary with Booking in Installations, Service Calls, Purchasing, reviewing Work In Progress on a continual basis and other Administrations Tasks

What is the best part of working for LVP?
Working together as a team throughout the company. If you have a concern you are not left on your own to deal with it.

What’s your favourite memory of working with the company?
Enjoyed the Company day out at Go Quest in October this year

What do you see as the benefits of Solar Thermodynamic technology?
I believe in the product – it works. It cuts down on gas/oil yearly payments for customers and they get the luxury of hot water all year round

What do you do when you’re not at work?
I enjoy socialising with friends, dinner parties. Try to take in a couple of long walks during the week (weather permitting) not one for walking in the rain. Took Zumba Fitness Classes during the Winter last year so intend to sign up again this year.


Get in touch with the LVP Renewables team online or call 01 8643838