Home heating is a big and necessary part of your yearly bills, and that’s partly because it’s generally a pretty simple system. The heat is either on or off, with the hassle of manually opening or closing radiators or fiddling with the thermostat to make and significant difference.

With Heat Genius, you can do all that – and more – with a few simple taps.

It’s a wireless system which can be set up in your house to control all of your heating from your smartphone or tablet. Connecting to valves in your radiators and even on your boiler or hot water tank, you can choose which to turn on and off independently.

That means total control, and the ability to only heat the areas that you’re in. You can schedule the bedrooms to heat up to beat that morning chill, and even set the temperature. The app will work to make sure that goal temperature is met by the time you choose.


Keep the kitchen toasty for dinner time and move the heat to the sitting room for a bit of telly in the evening. Then make sure the bedrooms are warm once again before it’s time to go to sleep.

The app works on both iOS and Android and is more than just a heating controller, it’s also a smart system in its own right. That means it can learn your patterns and set up schedules for the rooms you use most often. It’s even capable of adjusting the temperature settings when it’s colder outside to keep you warm!

The Heat Genius system is easy to set up and can be installed in an entire home in just a couple of hours.

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