Thinking of getting PV solar panels? If so, LVP Renewables is the ideal company to work with. LVP Renewables has been running since 2010 and for the last forty years, it has been part of something bigger. We have changed and adapted, allowing us to hone our skills, gain knowledge and provide first class products and customer service. Our company supplies and installs a range of solar panels, for commercial and residential clients, that are capable of providing hot water, heating and electricity in a renewable manner. 

What are PV Solar Panels? 

PV or photovoltaic solar panels are used to convert the energy that is given off by the sun. The PV solar panels have a surface of photovoltaic cells which when hit with the solar energy create an electric current or DC. In order to provide the AC current, which will then be used to provide electricity to the appliances in your property, inverter technology is used. Because PV solar panels rely on solar energy to create the electric field, your PV solar panels will not produce electricity at night. However, we can offer you battery storage which will allow the surplus energy that was collected during the day, to be utilised at night. 

Our team will conduct a site survey of your property, and then on your installation day will install your PV solar panels in accordance with your requirements. A member of our staff will explain how your PV solar panels and controls work, and you can always reach out to us if you find yourself with more questions. If PV solar panels aren’t something of interest we can also offer you renewable energy systems that will provide you with hot water – thermodynamic panels, and heat pumps, and we can offer products for central heating – thermodynamic solar blocks and air to water heat pumps.

Why use LVP Renewables?

There are a multitude of reasons why you should work with us. When you choose LVP Renewables for PV solar panels, you can expect to receive a high quality product at an affordable price. By working with us for PV solar panels you will be working with a company that has been featured on a number of popular TV programmes, such as Ireland AM, and has also been a finalist at the Green Energy Awards. This goes to show the quality of our company and services and the recognition of it. 

Looking for More Information?

We understand that before you make the decision to go forward with pv solar panels, you may wish to get more detailed information, and we will be happy to provide it for you. By calling +353 (0)1 8643838 you can speak to our team and ask questions or ask for further explanations regarding our pv solar panels, or indeed any of the other products we offer. Our email address 

[email protected] can be used to contact us as well.