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The Systems That Benefit From The VORTEX ENERGY SAVER Are:

Radiators Solid Fuel Hot Water Condensing Boiler


The Benefits Of The VORTEX ENERGY SAVER Are:

  • Typical energy savings 20-30%
  • 40yr+ life expectancy
  • 10yr product warranty
  • 10% money Back guaranteed savings
  • Increase in radiator temperature of 10-12°C
  • Removes Oxygen down to an inert level
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Eliminates requirement of magnetic filters
  • Extends life expectancy of heating system
  • Reduces annual maintenance costs
  • Eliminates many common issues: for example; the uneven heating of radiators, rattling pipes, pin holing, build up of sludge
  • Suitable for any type of wet heating system whether with: a new boiler or old boiler, condensing boiler, non-condensing boiler, oil boiler, gas boiler, combi boiler or biomass boilers, as well as underfloor heating and air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.
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How Do I Know The VORTEX ENERGY SAVER Will Suit Me:

  • It Fits All Types of Boilers, retro-fit, new build and wet type central heating systems
  • It Fits All types of plumbing from micro bore to large cast iron piping
  • It Fits vented and pressurised systems
  • It’s Compact and Easy To Install
  • It Is Maintenance Free
  • It Saves You Money On Your Heating Bills