Have you been considering using solar panels for electricity and need a reliable company to carry out the installation? If so LVP Renewables can help you. LVP Renewables has been established since 2010, but has been continuously developing since 1974, where it began as a leisure vehicle and product company. We provide our clients with high quality renewable energy solutions and install them expertly and securely. Our customer service is first class and we will make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with the renewable solution we have provided. 

Using Solar Panels for Electricity

We provide a photovoltaic solar panel for electricity for both commercial and domestic customers, and the products are exceptionally high quality having been sourced from trusted global suppliers. We will make sure that you receive a solar panel for electricity that is going to fit your roof and your needs for affordable prices. We can also supply you with battery storage so you do not have to waste any excess energy, and you can instead save it to be used during the night or during power outages. 

As well as a solar panel for electricity, we can also provide and install panels that will provide the energy for your hot water and central heating systems. Whether you are having a solar panel for electricity, hot water or heating, you can expect our team to install your solar panels with efficiency and safety, with a professional and friendly service to accompany the high quality installation. 

Why use a Solar Panel to Provide Electricity? 

Having a solar panel for electricity means that your electricity is coming from a natural source; solar power, rather than through the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – which, when released into the atmosphere, contributes to issues like global warming. Additionally using a solar panel for electricity, aside from the environmental benefits, is that it can save you money. Because you will be using the electricity captured by your panels, you spend far less on electricity bills as you are not having to constantly take your electricity from the grid. 

Coming to LVP Renewables for your solar panel for electricity is the right choice because we are highly reputable, we have carried out more than 4000 solar installations, have appeared in well known TV shows such as Ireland AM and the Today Show, and we made it to the final of the Green Energy Awards. This goes to show that our service quality and our achievements have been recognised. You can also read our positive testimonials that our customers have left, to see the high level of service you could be experiencing if you go forward with LVP Renewables. 

Do you Want to Find out More? 

To find out more about getting a solar panel for electricity for your property, or to get a quote from us, you can email your request to [email protected], or visit our contact page and message us this way. If you would prefer to have a conversation with a team member directly then you can call 01 8643838, and we would be happy to speak with you.