Understanding Part L

If you have recently decided to start building a home, or are some way along this process, the concept of Part L of the building regulations may well have been introduced to you.

Part L of the building regulations refers to the “conservation of fuel and energy” in your home. When you build a new home, you must have 10KW/H of renewable energy in your home in order to fully comply with building regulations. There is one small exception to this, if you install photovoltaic solar, you will only require 4KW/H of renewable energy in the home in order to comply with the regulations.

Whilst these numbers above won’t mean a lot in isolation, LVP are on hand to fully advise on the technologies available to you in order to reach compliance on your new build.

In LVP, we strive to provide Part L options that will offer both you the end user a long term satisfactory solution, but also satisfy the requirements of the planning regulations.

Some of these new build options are listed on this site under “Building a New Home/Our New Build Solutions” for your review. Alternatively, get in touch on the phone and we can discuss options available to you.

Prior to getting accurate quotes for a system, it is always advisable to have your final plans drawn up and an “xml” file prepared. Once again, LVP can advise on the best approach here.

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