If you are searching for high quality solar panels for sale, then LVP Renewables is the company to visit. As a company, LVP Renewables has been continuously evolving for over forty years, giving us a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience, allowing us to provide our clients with a first class product and service. We make sure that our customer service is to a high standard throughout the process, from dealing with your enquiry and conducting our site survey, to walking you through your system once it is fitted, and providing support post installation.

Solar Panels for Sale

If you have been looking for solar panels for sale, but you are still on the fence about whether to purchase them or not, then allow us to show you some of the benefits of renewable energy. By purchasing solar panels for sale, you are doing your part to help the environment. In a time where greenhouse gases and fossil fuels are being used constantly, and the effects on our environment are worsening, finding and buying solar panels for sale may be a good solution for your personal contribution to helping lower these effects. Additionally, renewable energy sources are a free and continuous source of energy, which means that while you will have up front costs for the installation of the equipment, once it’s fitted you can benefit from a much more cost effective utility bill.

How Can LVP Renewables Help? 

LVP Renewables can help clients in a number of ways, from offering your solar panels for sale, to installing systems to provide you with hot water, we have a great range of products. We make sure that all the products we have are of a high quality, and our trained and experienced team will be able to install them correctly and efficiently. 

The solar panels for sale that we have are PV solar panels and thermodynamic solar panels. PV solar panels will work by taking in the solar energy and will use inverter technology to change the DC charge that is produced, into an AC charge, in order to power your home and the appliances in it. The thermodynamic solar panels for sale are used to provide you with hot water, and instead take in heat from the atmosphere, so the sun’s rays do not have to hit the panels, which means even in cloudy and rainy weather you’ll still have the means to get your hot water. 

Our team will install your panels and then provide you with demonstrations so you know how they work. We also offer additional products including storage batteries for your excess energy, hot water heat pumps, solar blocks, and more when you turn to LVP Renewables.   

Want to Speak to our Team? 

If solar panels sound like the ideal solution, and you would like to discuss your needs and requirements in more detail with our team, then please give us a call on +353 (0)1 8643838, and we will be happy to have a conversation with you. 

Feel free to email [email protected] if this is your preferred method of communication, and we’ll get a response back to you as soon as we can.