Thermodynamic Solar Panels

Thermodynamic Solar Panels

LVP Renewables are Ireland’s leading supplier of Thermodynamic Solar Panels with over 2000 installations around the country and more satisfied customers every year.

But what exactly is Thermodynamic Solar technology, and how does it work?

It all starts with that big word – THERMODYNAMICS. It is born from the fusing of the Greek works for heat and power and that’s a pretty good way to think about it.

Without diving too deeply into the laws of Thermodynamics, they’re all about how heat is exchanged via the movement of energy. If you did physics in school you’re probably starting to remember a little of how it works.

For the rest of us, a Thermodynamic system works to draw heat from the environment, converting that into energy which is used to provide warm water to your household.

More importantly, this method doesn’t rely on sunlight in the way a normal solar panel does. In fact, a Thermodynamic system will work when it’s cloudy raining. It’s even capable of providing heat energy in the middle of the night!

Even without sunshine that means you get water at 55 degrees all year round. And you don’t have to worry about maintenance as the panel doesn’t include glass or complex electrical components.

You’ll be helping the environment too, with a heating system that doesn’t require the use of oil or gas and pays for itself within a short span of years.

If you want to find out more about this green and cost saving technology, contact LVP Renewables online or call 01 8643838 to arrange a free consultation.