Understanding Solar Water Heating Systems

Installing a solar water heating system in your home is a smart way to save money on your energy bills and help combat the effects of climate change. Solar water heating systems are a convenient and inexpensive method for heating domestic water, so read on for information about this type of heating system and how it can benefit you.

What are solar water heating systems?

Simply put, a solar water heating system is an energy system that uses heat collected from the sun via solar panels to heat the water in your house. Solar panels can be fitted to your roof, walls and any flat service that receives light from the sun. The panels collect energy from the sun to heat water, which is then stored in a hot water cylinder.

    Benefits of solar water heating systems

    Solar water heating systems offer homeowners a number of benefits:

  • Hot water all year round.Solar water heating systems work throughout the year regardless of weather conditions and cloud coverage. You may require a conventional boiler or immersion heater to further heat the water during winter. While conventional Solar systems are limited in their functionality due to Irish weather, Thermodynamic Solar Panels overcome this to ensure that you have hot water all year long.
  • Energy bills reduced. Most people purchase a solar water heating system as a means to reduce their energy bills. Simply pay the installation fee and you will have access to the sun’s unlimited supply of free energy. Solar energy can reduce your energy bills by up to 30%.
  • Combat climate change. Solar water heating systems use a green and renewable source of energy, which will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change.

Is it right for you?

Solar water heating systems are suitable for use in most homes, but you should consider where the solar panels will be installed and if your current boiler is compatible with a solar water heating system. If you have any questions regarding installation, storage space or savings, please get in touch with us today.

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