Solar PanelsThere is an increasing awareness in Ireland  about the obvious advantages and benefits of switching to solar power. Not only does it contribute to a more ecologically sustainable environment, but in the long term, it also saves you money on power bills.

Need more information about solar panels before making the switch? Here are ten facts you may find interesting to know:

  1. Leonardo Did It — While solar panels are a very 21st century thing, did you know Leonardo Da Vinci conceptualised the use of solar power back in his day? He conceived using solar power heated water for industrial use even in the 15th century!
  2. More Energy Than We Need — More energy hits the earth from the sun in one hour that the whole world uses all year.  If you’re a numbers person – approximately 120,000 terawatts (TW) hits the earth’s surface each day.  Over the course of a year, the world uses a mere 15 TW of energy.
  3. The Largest Solar Plant —  The largest solar power plant is located in the Mojave Desert in California.  The solar plant generates 90 percent of the world’s commercially produced solar power!
  4. Not All Panels Are The Same — There are two types of solar panels: Photovoltaic or PV panels. These panels convert sunlight into energy; Thermodynamic Solar Panels. These panels work by absorbing the heat. A gas is circulated through it to heat for domestic use purposes and even swimming pools.
  5. More People Are Going Solar — Over the past 50 years, production of PV panels has increased dramatically – particularly in the past 5 years.  From 2008-2009, residential solar panels doubled their solar electricity production, at the same time that the home solar market also doubled in size.
  6. Less Pollution with Solar — Using solar panel powered energy means no air or water pollution and no greenhouse gas emissions.
  7. More Energy Efficiency — Of all the energy solar panels absorb, only 15 percent can be converted for use. However, don’t be fooled by the 15 percent energy conversion rates for solar panels. 
  8. Save The World — It’s no secret that solar energy is the way to a more sustainable future. Solar panels can produce 1-kilowatt (KW) solar energy unit to replace the equivalent of burning 170 pounds of coal and 300 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  9. Germans Are Beating Us — Germany is known to be the leader in solar panel installations. The others in the top are Italy, Japan and USA.
  10. Cheaper than You Think — Solar panel installations are cheaper now than before with a 40 percent drop in prices. Also, government rebates and incentives make going solar easier than ever before!