If you need solar installers in Ireland that can be trusted to perform high quality installations on your solar panels, then LVP Renewables can help. As a company, we can deliver a fantastic range of solar panels and other renewable energy products, in order to help our clients meet their electrical, hot water and central heating needs in such a way that is better for the environment. Our affordable prices and the excellent customer service we provide gives you great value for money as well as a first-class result.

Welcome to LVP Renewables

Our solar installers in Ireland will be able to help you with a range of different products, and we have the knowledge to be able to discuss with you what the best options might be for you. We have different types of solar panels that our solar installers in Ireland can provide depending on whether you are looking for electricity to be generated, hot water, or central heating. 

If for example, you want panels for electricity then our solar installers in Ireland can install photovoltaic panels for you which take in solar energy and convert it into electricity which can then power your property. If you find that you are producing excess electricity then don’t worry about it being wasted, you can purchase a battery from us in order to store it, which may come in handy during emergencies such as grid failures. 

If you are interested in using panels for hot water then our solar installers in Ireland can provide you with thermodynamic solar panels, which work by absorbing the heat. And finally if you would like panels for central heating, then our solar installers in Ireland will be able to offer you a thermodynamic solar panel block or air to water heat pump.

Why use our Solar Installers in Ireland?

If you’re needing some further reassurance that we are the company to use, let us explain further. LVP Renewables has been developing for more than 40 years, which means that we have a great amount of knowledge with which to offer you, which means that we are able to make sure that you get the best product for you, and that it is installed properly and safely. 

We have been a finalist in the Green Energy Awards, and have also appeared on several TV shows, which gives you some idea of the high quality services we perform. Our customer service is first-class, and for further peace of mind, why not read our positive reviews they have been left by previous satisfied customers?

Would you Like More Information?

If our services sound of interest to you, and you would like more information on our solar installers in Ireland, then you can arrange to speak with us by calling +353 (0)1 8643838 or by emailing [email protected]. Our team will provide you with any questions you may habe, and aim to help you as efficiently as possible.