If you want to benefit from PV solar panels in Ireland, then LVP Renewables is ideally suited to assist you. Here at LVP Renewables, you will find a broad range of products that will offer you cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to getting hot water and electricity. With the wide selection of products that we have available, and the knowledge that we possess, we are able to help both commercial and residential clients with their systems. 

Our business has evolved for more than 40 years, so our experience and skill is extensive, and we offer affordable rates for our services. Many clients have used our services because they had been given a recommendation by one of our previous customers, and this can show you the lasting impression that our quality services give. 

PV Solar Panels in Ireland

PV solar panels in Ireland are used to transform solar energy into electricity. Our PV solar panels have inverter technology, which will take the DC current of the electricity that is formed up on the roof and turn it into AC current, which you can then use around your house. And if your PV solar panels in Ireland are producing more electricity then you are using, then you can purchase a storage battery from us, which can be used to hold your surplus energy, and you will have electricity that you can use during the night, cutting your reliance on the grid even further. 

Our team are on hand to help you with your PV solar panels in Ireland from start to finish, from offering advice and suggestions when you are choosing your panels and carrying out informative site surveys, to installing your panels in a professional manner, making sure you understand how to work them, and we are here if you have any questions after your installation.

What other Products do We Sell? 

We understand that our clients may have different requirements which is why we have more products to offer you than just our PV solar panels in Ireland. If you are interested in using renewable energy for your hot water, then instead of PV solar panels in Ireland, we can provide you with thermodynamic solar panels

These panels use heat from the atmosphere to vaporise  refrigerant gas, and once the process is complete, you will have the hot water that you need. If you are also looking for help with central heating, then our thermodynamic solar block is also available. Other products that you can buy in addition to PV solar panels include; air to water heat pumps, and hot water heat pumps. 

Do you Want to Contact our Team? 

If you would like to get in touch with our team and talk more in depth about our PV solar panels in Ireland then you can speak with a member of our staff by calling  +353 (0)1 8643838. If you would like to communicate via email, then please use [email protected], and we’ll get back to you in due course.