Would you like to have solar panels installed in your home in Ireland? Is a greener, more eco-friendly solution appealing to you? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, then LVP Renewables has the ideal solution for you. We are a small, family-owned company that provides a variety of first-rate clean energy solutions to customers across Ireland. 

We are firm believers in the power of clean energy and we’ve made it our mission to provide sustainable options to all customers. Our service is comprehensive; we will help you every step of the way, beginning with our initial meeting, through to our planning and installation, and final delivery. If you would like to install solar panels from a leading provider, come to LVP Renewables. 

Who is LVP Renewables? 

LVP Renewables is an Irish-owned and operated enterprise that takes pride in its quality product and service levels. We want to be the most trusted supplier of solar panels and other green energy solutions in the country. We have built over 3,000 units of our devices, and our team now numbers more than 14 people. We’ve been finalists in The Green Energy Awards and have appeared on TV shows like Ireland AM, About the House, and The Today Show.

Benefits of our Solar Panel Installation

Customers in Ireland will benefit greatly from thermodynamic solar panels as a clean energy source. This is due to the huge amount of electricity that they produce for residential properties. A single thermodynamic solar panel application will generate all of the hot water required by a family of six people 365 days a year. Depending on your preferences, our solar panels in Ireland can be installed on the roof or on the wall. Essentially, they use all of the different Irish weather patterns to generate heat, which is then transmitted to your allocated hot water through a heat exchanger.

Overall, this ensures that regardless of the atmosphere – whether it’s raining, windy, or sunny – you’ll have access to hot water from your solar panels 100 percent of the time. Furthermore, there are financial advantages because our solar panels have lower operating costs than other systems on the market. So, by using a green option, you will not only be helping the world, but you will also be saving money. Visit LVP Renewables today if you’re looking to purchase solar panels in Ireland.

Would you Like to Get in Touch?

If you are interested in the opportunity to invest in solar panels for your domestic property in Ireland, then you can visit our website and get a quote on this service. We can tailor any estimate to the requirements of your property, as well as your individual needs. 

If you want to talk with us directly, please call us at 01 8643838, and we will be pleased to discuss your choices and answer your questions. Alternatively, you can give us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.