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Our Heat Pumps are designed to get an optimal regulation of domestic water heating.  The Heat Pumps is a modern, efficient and clean solution that guarantees comfort in your home, always respecting the environment.  It is an intelligent way of using natures resources in order to improve your quality of life. In adopting this solution you will be making a serious commitment in terms of reducing harmful emissions to our atmosphere thus contributing to the natural balance of the planet.

One of the main advantages to upgrading your heat pumps with us is that you will see a drastic reduction in your energy usage and cost each year. If you take a look at your energy costs over the last ten years you will notice that it keeps going up. This isn’t because there are fewer resources, it’s because you are paying what you are told. That’s not exactly something you should be happy about and we offer a great and affordable alternative. A solar heat pump will not only cut down your heating costs but it works great throughout the year, regardless of the weather or outside temperatures. Installation is easy and you will save money the first year you have them installed. If you would like to learn more, give us a call today.

Finding a great deal on air heat pumps Ireland is not exactly difficult. There are plenty of affordable options that are available. However, finding quality at a great price is a little bit trickier and that’s why we offer a great selection at low prices. Before you begin browsing you should ask yourself what are the goals of adding any new appliances or gadgets to your home? Obviously, functionality is a big deal but there needs to be more to it than that. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can adjust your energy usage and save hundreds of dollars a year?

The value of switching to solar energy cannot be overlooked. If you look at your energy bill today and compare it to what it was ten years ago you will see that there has been a drastic increase. We don’t notice it because it’s been gradually going up. However, imagine paying twice that amount ten years from now and you can see why more people than ever are interested in making the switch to solar energy. The other advantage to making the switch is that if there is a bad storm or for whatever reason power is knocked out, you will still be able to enjoy warm water and heat throughout your home.

LVP Renewables has a great selection of affordable air heat pumps Ireland as well as other solar energy appliances that will help keep your home warm, even in the harshest weather conditions, without hiking up your energy bill. If you have been debating making the switch to a safer, more cost-effective and dependable form of power, then it’s time to give us a call or browse our website for more information. We will show you the advantages thousands of people throughout Dublin have been enjoying for years and what you are missing out on.

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