SEAI Grants and Green Loans for Solar Panels

About the Better Energy Home Scheme

LVP Renewables is fully SEAI registered ( installer ID 15082) and have installed over1,000 solar panel systems across Ireland.


Some important points to note on the Better Energy Grant:

  • You may only apply for retro-fitted installations. New builds are not eligible.
  • Not all thermodynamic installations are eligible for the grant-please speak to your sales rep who will give you more details
  • There is no longer a commercial grant.
  • Landlords may apply for a grant for up to 5 residences.
  • The process typically takes 3 weeks to complete
  • LVP Renewables has no impact on the decisions of the SEAI.
  • Each installation must be followed by a BER cert, for which a grant is available.

There are a number of banks in Ireland currently offering green or home improvement loans to customers to help make their homes more efficient. We have put together a list of the institutions currently offering these loans. Find out more about green loans.