The Many Features of Our Give Battery

  • Integrated BMS system allowing the inverter and battery to monitor each individual cell voltage and temperature. Any anomalies will flag up immediately and can be addressed remotely by factory engineers.
  • 24Hr monitoring is provided with all our systems and for the life of the system. No subscription fees apply.
  • Essential Services System, allowing some essential services to run in times of a powercut, assuming you have charge in your battery.
  • Drawdown possible from battery and panels at same time. Battery can discharge at a rate of 50% (0.5C) eg 6.3KW battery can discharge 3.15KW meaning a possible discharge rate of between 5 and 6kW per inverter depending on PV generation. Our batteries are capable of discharging at 3C but only with written permission and engineer access to the impact on warranties.
  • Warranty based on throughput or 10 years whichever comes first, meaning that the number of cycles doesn’t affect warranty. Throughput is calculated at 10MW per kWh of storage meaning a 2.8kWh battery has 28MWh of warranted throughput. Our warranties reinforce your investment by guaranteeing a financial return using simple math. After the warranty period we still expect battery capacity of 70%. Battery expected lifetime is 15-20 years due to the robust construction of the cells.
  • Inverter can be programmed to take advantage of multiple rates/tariffs and used to facilitate grid/export trading (TBC). This is especially useful when PV generation is low (Winter), bringing an additional level of financial benefit to your system
  • All our inverters and domestic battery packs are IP65 rated so can be installed outside if required-operating temperatures extremely low on both inverter and batteries so loft installs are the norm – no extra cooling required.
  • Full monitoring and reporting available via the web portal and mobile app. Allowing for continuous and complete diagnostics and tracking of your installation’s performance. On screen throughput accumulator for simple tracking of warranties. Easy to read graphical representation of your daily Generation, Load and Storage. there is a demo site that shows everything.
  • Fully designed and manufactured in house. No combined third-party technology leading to inevitable issues with compatibility.
  • Full technical assistance for the lifetime of the battery.
  • All our cells can be fully recycled at the end of their lifetime as we use LiFePO4 Technology (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and not harmful Cobalt.
  • Full off grid capability with our systems.
  • All inverters and batteries can be compatible with Solar PV and Turbine generators.