What is the difference between an Energie Solar Panel System and Solar Tubes or Plates?2014-05-14T13:58:16+01:00

Unlike traditional solar panels (tubes and flat plates) the Energie system offers:

  • No unnecessary annual maintenance checks. In order to maintain the maximum efficiency of tubes and plates they must be serviced annually.
  • LVP panels are lightweight (weighing only 8kg) and roof structures do not need to be reinforced. Conventional solar panels are heavy-weighing anything from 40-300kg
  • Energie Solar Panels absorb heat from both sides unlike traditional panels which only capture radiation on one side
  • One Energie panel (80cmx200cm) will provide a family of up to 6 people with all of their hot water needs. With traditional solar a large amount of panels is needed to provide similar quantities of water
  • Energie panels need no back up from oil or gas. Other solar panels need an auxiliary energy source when the sun isn’t shining or when in high demand
Who are LVP Renewables?2014-05-14T13:56:05+01:00

LVP Renewables is a associate company of LVP Conveyors which is an Irish, family run company that was established in the 1970s. To find out more about LVP Renewables please visit our about us page.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Energie product and on our professional and prompt customer service.  We are very confident in our product and during the sales process we can put you in touch with current customers who can talk you through their experience with our Energie Solar Panel System. You can also read testimonials from our customers.

We have written a guide for consumers who are thinking of installing solar in their home. This guide gives advice on what questions to ask, what to look for in a quote and information on grants.

Does this system need a back-up heating system during the winter?2014-05-14T13:55:11+01:00

No, this is the only solar panel heating system that will provide you with 100% of your hot water. Also our cylinders come with a mini-emersion inside that can be turned on manually if needed. However if you would like to incorporate a back-up heating system there is a provision for a secondary heating coil in most of the systems we provide (call for specific information on tanks). If you decided that you wanted the secondary coil in the tank then we would advise you to put a manual leaver on the system and only use it if necessary.

Do you have references that I can contact and potentially visit?2014-05-14T13:54:48+01:00

All of our customers, without exception have been extremely happy with how the system has performed for them, and some of these customers are kind enough to recieve calls and even let potential customers view their system. LVP can advise on this.

Is the equipment guaranteed?2014-05-14T13:54:22+01:00

The panel and stainless steel cylinder comes with a 10 year guarantee. There is a 5 year guarantee on other parts and we offer a 2 year labour

Is the system provided with any device to treat bacteria such as Legionella?2014-05-14T13:53:38+01:00

Yes. In accordance with current legislation, it is provided with a circuit to rise the temperature up to 70 Degrees, which is manually activated and automatically disconnected

Is regular maintenance necessary?2014-05-14T13:52:20+01:00

Virtually no maintenance is necessary. The magnesium anode must be checked annually however. This is a simple thing to do, LVP can advise on this.

Can these panels produce electric energy?2014-05-14T13:51:30+01:00

No, they can’t


Does the roof need to be reinforced?2014-05-14T13:51:04+01:00

No, the panels only weigh 8KG each, and measure 2M x 80CM

Must the panels be fitted on the roof?2014-05-14T13:50:30+01:00

No, they can be fitted to any outside wall, roof or garden. However the majority of people do position them on their roof as it is normally the least obtrusive location.

How much will my annual running costs be?2014-05-14T13:50:06+01:00

It is difficult to say as it depends on the amount of people living in your home full time and the amount of water they use but our results suggest that on average the price for hot water for the year using our product is approximately €50 per person.

Is it necessary to have any special power socket?2014-05-14T13:48:02+01:00

No, just a regular one

What happens if we install 2 panels on the roof?2014-05-14T13:47:25+01:00

The heating time will be reduced by half

Will the panel work, on a rainy windy day, if it is only 5 Degrees outside?2014-05-14T13:46:53+01:00

Yes it will. We have installed all over Ireland, and systems have been proven to work in even the most harsh conditions.

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