Electricity generating solar panelsHow good does that sound? Electricity generating solar panels. What might surprise a lot of people, is that this technology has been around for a long time now. All across the world, homes and businesses have embraced electricity generating solar panels and made them part of normal life. Sadly, we are still somewhat behind the curve in Ireland.

The rumours of the introduction of various grant supports from SEAI will put the purchase of electricity generating solar panels within the reach of a far wider audience. If we look at the UK and other European markets, it is easy to see how the introduction of grant supports and “Feed in Tariffs” exponentially helped the sale of these electricity generating solar panels. This did come with its problems however and with every market growth comes the introduction of multiples of companies selling said products. Basic economics of supply and demand would suggest that this is a good thing for the customer and it will drive the prices downward. It should be noted however that this comes with a tipping point, and when an industry is built on the back of grant support, there can be a major negative if these grants are stopped. Case in point, grants for electricity generating solar panels was pulled in many European countries, causing companies to go out of business almost overnight. There simply wasn’t enough work left to go around. The end customer is then left with a product that was installed by a company that is now out of business.

Grants are all well and good, but a cheap price is not reason alone to buy. Remember the old saying, “buy cheap and buy twice” Electricity generating solar panels need to be sold on the premise of how they function, their benefit to the end user, the quality of components being installed, and the competency of the installation crew.

In Ireland, the knowledge share of how electricity generating solar panels work and how they can be integrated into the family home is crucial in order to promote awareness and get more people thinking about installing these technologies not just for themselves and to lower bills, but to reduce our carbon footprint and make this planet a safe place to live for our children and children’s children.

Electricity generating solar panels will not solve all the problems associated with global warming by themselves, but they are a huge leap in the right direction.

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