Unlike traditional solar panels (tubes and flat plates) the Energie solar panels system offers:

  • No unnecessary annual maintenance checks. In order to maintain the maximum efficiency of tubes and plates they must be serviced annually.
  • Lightweight panels. LVP panels weigh only 8kg and roof structures do not need to be reinforced. Conventional solar panels are heavy-weighing anything from 40-300kg
  • Dual catchment. Energie Solar Panels absorb heat from both sides unlike traditional panels which only capture radiation on one side
  • Exclusive design. One Energie panel (80cm x2 metres) will provide a family of up to 6 people with all of their hot water needs. With traditional solar a large amount of panels or tubes is needed to provide similar quantities of water
  • Savings on your energy bills. Energie panels need no back up from oil or gas. Other solar panels need an auxiliary energy source when the sun isn’t shining or when in high demand
  • Swift installation.  The LVP Renewables team can have a domestic hot water system installed in one working day.