Are you tired of dealing with unreliable hot water? Are you in the market for a more reliable solution for heating your hot water all year round? Here at LVP Renewables we understand the inconvenience that can be caused when the heating of your hot water isn’t performing as it should, that is why we are pleased to introduce to you the different hot water heating solutions we have to offer.

As the leading, recommended suppliers and installers of high quality and affordable solar panels, solar blocks, heat pumps and zone controls in Ireland, we have gained plenty of experience when it comes to understanding which of our systems are most sustainable and effective; no matter the type of application in question. From domestic properties to commercial complexes, we are sure to be able to determine the most efficient solution for heating your property’s hot water. 

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Understanding our Water Heating Solutions at LVP Renewables

Finding ways to save money on your energy bills is always a welcome discovery but hot water is something each and every one of us depends on day in, day out. What if we told you there was a way to save on the overall cost of heating your water whilst ensuring your reliability all year round? Our water heating solutions at LVP Renewables allow you to make the most of these benefits plus more all thanks to our Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump and Thermodynamic Solar Panels. Below we have put together what you need to know.

  1. Investing in either of our water heating solutions may have a financial benefit that is sure to appeal. Often the long term running of solar panels or a heat pump turn out to be much cheaper overall than other conventional solutions as they tend to guarantee better performance for a longer period of time.


  1. It is important to know that in some cases you may be given the opportunity to choose whether or not a solar panel is installed onto the roof of your property, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on the combination of the available space on your roof and a few other factors our experts will consider when assessing your property suitability, you may be given the chance to weigh up the pros and cons of having a Thermodynamic solar panel as well as those offered with a domestic hot water heat pump.


  1. Finally; and often the most appealing aspect of our water heating solutions, is the high level of reliability they offer in comparison to other conventional solutions. Both our Thermodynamic solar panels and our hot water heat pump work in a similar fashion as they both utilise the surrounding air temperature to vaporise and compress gas to create the heat that transfers into hot water. By doing this your system is ensuring you receive reliable hot water every day of the year; no matter the weather.

Want to Discuss our Water Heating Solutions with our Experts?

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