If you would like to buy solar panels in Ireland, then you will find a broad selection at LVP Renewables. Our goal is to help individuals and businesses alike, benefit from high quality renewable energy systems that can help both domestic and commercial properties receive the required electricity, hot water and central heating they need, whilst having less of an impact on the environment and your bills. 

Our professional and customer focused team are here to help you get the system that will meet your needs sufficiently, and we offer the systems that we have at an affordable rate. Health and safety are adhered to during the preparation and installation of your solar panels, and all work is conducted with a high level of skill. 

Solar Panels in Ireland

Here at LVP Renewables, we offer a number of solar panels in Ireland. Solar panels can be used to supply you with electricity, hot water and central heating. If you are looking to buy solar panels in Ireland for hot water then let us introduce you to thermodynamic solar panels

These solar panels are able to provide you with hot water through means of taking heat from the atmosphere, which is then used to vaporise a refrigerant, which travels to a compressor, and then through use of a heat exchanger, heat is created for your hot water. 

We also offer a thermodynamic solar block which is ideal for those who are looking to buy solar panels in Ireland for central heating purposes. For those looking to generate electricity our photovoltaic solar panels are the most appropriate option to go for. 

How Does the Process Work? 

If you have come to the conclusion that purchasing solar panels from LVP Renewables, then the next step involves discussing what you are looking for. We can then run through the options available that will be best for your needs and then provide a suitable quotation. Once you are satisfied and you want to move forward with the installation, we can carry out site visits at your convenience. When it comes to the installation itself, you can be sure that our team will arrive at the time that was discussed, and will then proceed to complete a professional and safe installation, taking the time after completion to go over how the system works with you. 

Are you Interested in our Products? 

If you are going to choose to buy solar panels in Ireland from LVP Renewables then we can’t wait to hear from you. You can email us at [email protected], or you can give us a call on

+353 (0)1 8643838 and we can discuss your needs in more detail and better understand your requirements.