Central Heating

For all your central heating needs based on solar power we recommend the solar block. This unit of the Thermodynmaic Solar System has the following main components:

  • A low consumption compressor, which is responsible for the circulation of the liquid throughout the whole system.
  • A Heat exchanger that dissipates heat into the water for consumption (Domestic Hot Water) or the closed heating circuit (Central Heating)
  • An Expansion component that reduces the boiling temperature from approximately -30°C so that it can go back to the thermodynamic solar panels and capture heat again.
Brand New Central Heating Controls with attached Solar Heating System from LVP Renewables in Ireland


  • Super Efficient Environment Heating At Low Temperature
  • Non Existent programmed Maintenance
  • Possibility Of Joining All house Heating Equipment Into Just One solution
  • Possibility Of Alternating Between Environment Heating In The Colder Seasons And Swimming Pool Heating In The Warmer Seasons
  • Absolute Guarantee Of Production Of Hot Water For Heating At 55°C During The Winter
  • Highly Efficient Scroll Compressor
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Plates Exchanger
  • Free Of Defrost Cycles
  • Small Dimension Indoor unit
  • Central Heating Without Chimneys And Burnt Gases, Totally Environmentally Friendly
  • Works With Underfloor Heating, Radiators, Convector Fans Or fan Coils
  • Electronic Expansion Valve

The thermodynamic solar central heating system is a highly efficient method of providing an economic solution to heating housing.

The advanced technology used allows our system to obtain high performance and acquisition of an efficient heating source. Thanks to the possibility to capture various renewable energy sources like the sun, wind and rain, the thermodynamic solar systems present themselves as the solution that helps reduce energy consumption without greenhouse gas emissions thermodynamic solar systems provide great benefits for the environment.

A single system can ensure the central heating and domestic hot water production house providing absolute comfort in both applications.

The problem with keeping your old central heating control systems is that while they may still work, they are costing you hundreds of dollars a year in energy usage. The majority of our customers and people throughout Ireland who make the switch to solar power aren’t doing it because their current appliances begin to break down. They are doing it because they know how much their energy bill has gone up over the past decade and it will only continue to go up in the years to come. Keeping your home or business warm isn’t something you can opt out of, it has to be done and finding a cost-effective way of keeping it warm should be your goal.

The thing to remember about solar appliances is that things have changed a lot from a decade ago. Bulky panels that were hard to install, expensive and rarely worked the right way have been replaced with new technology. Now, installation can be done in less than a day and you will see a major improvement in the efficiency of the technology as it works in even the harshest weather conditions. That’s something that everyone can benefit from and should. So where and when should you start as you begin looking at the options that are available to you?

LVP Renewables can help you find the best central heating control systems at affordable prices based on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to find something for your home or for an entire office building or warehouse, we have the selection you need at prices you will be happy with. Even better than low prices is the fact that you will be saving hundreds of dollars a year on your energy cost and benefit from a cleaner form of power for years to come. Call us today to learn more.

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