panel imageThermodynamic Solar Panelling is a revolutionary, market leading technology in renewable energy. Both in Ireland and abroad thermodynamic panels are becoming the market leading technology for water heating. Using a clever system of utilising the heat in the atmosphere to harness a thermodynamic reaction.
Thus giving your home 100% of its hot water.

How is thermodynamic different from thermal solar?

Conventional thermal solar panels concentrates the light from the sun or very good daylight harnessing its heat, that heat is then used to heat the fluid in the solar panel. This heat is then transferred to the coil in the cylinder via a circulation pump. This entire process is very dependent on daylight/sunlight however and will not work without this, making it somewhat ineffective on many Irish days.

Thermodynamic solar panels do not rely solely on the light of the sun/ good daylight to generate hot water however so you can still have your water heated on overcast or dull days. It offers 100% of your hot water 365 days of the year.

How do they work?

The system itself is quite simple. A refrigerant runs throughout the panels. The refrigerant itself is naturally very cold, When it runs through the panel it is heated up by the atmosphere outside the panel, be it sunshine or just warmer air.

The refrigerant passes through the small veins in the panel. Using whatever environmental conditions are available, heat is pulled from the atmosphere to change the liquid to a gas. This gas then passes down to a small compressor located on the front of the cylinder. There it is compressed and transformed back into liquid. This transformation back into liquid creates heat, this is then used to heat the coil which runs into your water tank. Thus giving you hot water.

What are the benefits of this system?

This system will provide your home with 100% of its hot water whether you live in an area with plentiful sun or an area which is overcast most days.. This system will heat water even if the sun doesn’t shine that day.

Besides providing you with your hot water, it is much more reliable and it’s overall running cost is far lower than conventional solar as thermodynamic products offer 100%.

Another great thing about the system is it doesn’t need to be on a south facing roof, although it is preferable, and it also qualifies for the Home Renovation Incentive grant.

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