Solar Panels Prices

One of the most common questions a solar salesperson will be asked, is “What are your Solar Panels Prices?” Naturally, any transaction will hinge on the price of these Solar Panels, but here in LVP, we believe that one must first look at a number of factors, prior to getting accurate Solar panel Prices.

  • Product: Are you investing in a product that will meet yours and your family’s requirements? Don’t ever be influenced purely by cheap Solar Panels Prices at this stage of the transaction.

  • Company: Are you investing in a company that you have confidence in? Are you confident that they can deliver on all that they promise? Always check references, and sometimes you should just go with your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t.

  • Price: Only once you are satisfied with point 1 and 2, should you consider solar panels prices. It should be noted that the cheapest quote is not always the best quote.

Here in LVP, when we consider our Solar Panels Prices, we need to incorporate the cost of running a business that can look after our customers not just today, but tomorrow, and ten years down the road. Solar Panels Prices should not be gauged simply by the tangible product in front of you, but the intangible back end service that goes towards offering you a successful and happy experience for years to come.

With regards to our hot water thermodynamic solution, there are 2 main solutions when deciding on Solar Panels Prices.

  • When a customer already has a solar cylinder installed, we fit our Solar Box. The guide price for this solution is €4000. All of our Solar Panels Prices include full installation and Vat

  • When a customer requires a new solar cylinder installed, we fit our Eco Unit. The guide price for this solution is €5500 to €6500 including full installation and Vat.

Should you be paying income tax and invest before the end of 2018, you should be eligible for the Home Renovation Incentive. This comes in the form of tax credits which are paid over 2 years. It will however save you 13.5% on your Solar Panels Prices overall.

For an accurate quote, you can call the office today on (01)8643838. All of our Solar Panels Prices are fully transparent and include for all works done

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