Solar Panel

Thermodynamic Solar Panels For Your Hot water

“Going solar” sounds like a no-brainer. It’s true that tapping in to the power of the sun has multiple advantages in the best cases. You can lower your energy costs and also do your share to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner environment.

However, going with  solar panels requires you to consider, a number of important factors. Take a moment to consider the following factors before you answer the question, “Does solar make sense for you?”

Is Solar Worth Your Energy Output?

Solar Panels  are not inexpensive so some investigations should be carried out prior to any investment. You should do a quick self energy audit to determine how much energy you use, and then research what steps you could take to reduce the amount. Part of understanding the cost of solar panels is figuring out how much you will be saving.

Solar Is Not Free.

Although a solar panels system can save you thousands of euro’s over the years that initial investment is a large one. There are however some schemes available, such as the Home Renovation Incentive Schemes that can reduce your overall outlay for your solar panels.

Does your Roof have southern exposure?

Southern roof exposure remains the most effective orientation for your solar panels. Other orientations may work, albeit less effective 90-95%.The benefit of our thermodynamic solar panel systems is, that as our solar panels use a refrigerant gas, they are not totally dependant on direct sunlight.

Making the decision for solar installation

The decision to go with solar panels provides a lot to think about. You need to get a good picture of what your current bills are, and learn how you can reduce your energy consumption in low, and no, cost ways. A reputable and professional solar panels installer will take any worry off your shoulders, and your costs will come back in big savings over the life of the installation.

We will  help you navigate through the procedures and  applications for the HRI scheme. Our installers keep up to date on all of the various incentives that can dramatically lower your initial costs.

By the time you post the “men at work” sign in your front yard, you will have gone through a comprehensive review of your energy use, your home’s suitability for solar and calculate your costs and your savings.