Plusheat Infrared Panels

Plusheat offer a wide range of A+ rated energy efficient infrared heating panels. The panels come in a variety of materials and colours including Aluminium, Ceramic, Glass, Mirrors and Underfloor Heating. The Aluminium Panels can be printed with a image of your choice, or you can choose from available images. They also offer a wide range of Outdoor Heating products including Power Heaters, and a bathroom range with Heated Mirror Panels and Heated Towel Rails.

Infrared Heating Technology operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating methods, and offers high output and consistent thermal comfort from designer panels which can be used in both domestic homes and commercial or office environments by easily fitting them into standard suspended ceilings.

The Infra Red Heating panels are stylishly designed, available in multiple colours and materials and are easy to install anywhere there’s an available power supply!

Infrared Heating Technology is the latest solution to low cost heating for your home or office environments. It’s easy to install, very cost effective and provides instant heat when required. It can be controlled panel by panel, so you only heat the area where you are rather than heating everywhere. The technology works by electromagnetic radiation providing heat in the same manner as the sun, which is ideally suited to your body rather than heating all the air in a room, infrared keeps you warm for a fraction of the running costs.

Health Benefits of Infrared Heating

The human body emits infrared heat at a wavelength of around 10 microns. This is very close to the PlusHeat panels that operate at between 9 and 14 microns. This means that the human body is able to easily absorb the heat energy.

Whilst making no specific claims on the health benefits of radiant heat, many renowned studies have identified a range of benefits to health and well-being.

Globally, over 10,000 academic papers have identified the beneficial effects of infrared on several medical conditions. Health benefits can include improvments to the following conditions.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Pain Relief
  • Asthma
  • Detoxification
  • Joint Complaints
  • Compression Fractures
  • Circulation
  • Skin Conditions

How does it work?

The sun is the original source of the infrared spectrum. 53% of the energy from the sun is infrared heat, 44% is visible light and 3% is ultraviolet light. Whilst we have enjoyed the sun’s benefits since the dawn of time, it is only within the last 150 or so years that we have developed our understanding of infrared wavelengths.

The sun does not heat the air itself; rather it heats objects and the earth’s surface.

Regardless of how warm it is at the foot of a building, it will be somewhat cooler at the top, even though it is nearer the sun. This is because the sun’s energy heats the mass of the earth, building and ground, not the air directly; everything emits radiant heat.

It is recognised that a few people in a small room can emit sufficient heat to increase the temperature significantly, as warmer ‘objects’ transfer heat to the cooler ones. Infrared is a natural source of energy known for its direct heating capability, as well as providing several potential health benefits.

Infrared heat is different from traditional convection heat in that it does not cause constant air circulation, and therefore provides a much more even distribution of heat and temperature.

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