Want to Invest in Infrared Heating Panels?

Are you interested in infrared heating? A chance to use solar energy to heat your home sounds like a sound investment. But in reality, this is within your grasp with the help of infrared heating panels from LVP Renewables. We’ve been offering quality renewable energy sources for a number of years, ensuring that they have [...]

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Understanding Solar Power in Ireland

There's a lot of talk about solar power in Ireland and it can be difficult to determine the facts from the fiction. While this is true of everything in the modern world, solar power in Ireland can make all the difference to the state of the world and its continued health. This is something that [...]

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Heat Genius: The Next Generation of Central Heating Controls

Central heating controls are the interface used to control your heating system. Central heating controls turn your heating system on and off and set the temperature of your boiler and radiators. At LVP Renewables we’ve introduced Heat Genius to our line of renewable energy products. Heat Genius is the next generation of central heating controls [...]

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Why ThermoDynamic Solar Panels are Better

Thermodynamic Solar Panelling is a revolutionary, market leading technology in renewable energy. Both in Ireland and abroad thermodynamic panels are becoming the market leading technology for water heating. Using a clever system of utilising the heat in the atmosphere to harness a thermodynamic reaction. Thus giving your home 100% of its hot water. How is [...]

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LVP Renewables on RTE’s About the House

LVP Renewables advanced Thermodynamic Solar technology is the ideal way to provide all of your hot water needs all year round. RTE’s Duncan Stewart got a first hand look at the technology on his show About the House. Here’s LVP’s Richard White explaining exactly how it works during an installation. With this panel [...]

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