Thermodynamic Solar Panels

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Thermodynamic Solar Panels Work

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Thermodynamic Solar Panel Working Principle

The Energie water heating system incorporates a market leading thermodynanmic technology in which heat is drawn from the atmosphere by the panel, and is transferred o the water via a compressor using the Carnot cycle.
Thermodynamic Solar Panel

Thermodynamic Solar Panel

The Main Elements of The Themrmodynamic Solar Hot Water System:

Thermodynamic Solar Panel: (Collector) Which can be mounted on a sloped or flat roof, a vertical wall or at ground level.  It is preferentially mounted on a south facing altitude, but this is not essential.

Thermodynamic Solar Block: This includes the compressor, liquid reservoir, expansion valve and heat exchanger.  This is all located at the base of the cylinder.

Water Cylinder: Highly Insulated enamelled steel or stainless steel inner tank with white ABS outer skin.

Small Diameter Gas Pipes: Copper piping between block and panel Installed by trained engineer during installation).

Water Pipes: Connecting to the tank from mains supply of gravity feed supply and connecting to the main hot water out-flow connection.

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