Solar Panels Ireland Cost

A common question we are asked is how much do Solar Panels in Ireland Cost? Firstly, it is important to understand what type of solar panels you are looking for.

Domestic Hot Water

Solar Panels in Ireland can cost anywhere between €3000 and €10,000 depending upon the company that you choose to go with.  We would be quite clear in telling the domestic end user, that if someone is charging you €10,000 for solar, then they are overcharging you (assuming of course, your application is for a standard family home and not a large B&B or similar). In the same light however, we would advise the end user against spending as little as €3000 on solar. A quote as cheap as €3000 would suggest a reduction in quality of materials used, or perhaps an inability to be able to offer good customer and technical service should a problem arise in the future.

It is our opinion in LVP that Solar Panels in Ireland should cost in the region of €5000 give or take a few hundred euro for a fully installed system. This would include Vat and be before any government incentives that you may be eligible to receive.

Solar Panels in Ireland Cost should be considered alongside the luxury of hot water on demand, prior to deciding if it’s a worthwhile investment for you and your family.

Electricity Generation

PV Solar Panels in Ireland cost can vary depending upon where you look. Whilst the cost of solar modules is coming down around Europe, the cost of doing business in Ireland is growing, so the consumer is unlikely to see a huge drop in the price of such systems. The quality of panels, installation and after sales support are all factors in prices quoted.

The consumer can expect to spend anywhere from €3000 upwards to install solar PV in their home. It should be noted that the more PV that you install, the better the return on investment will become. While PV Solar Panels can be a good addition to the home, the Return on Investment must be carefully considered prior to purchase.

Solar Panels in Ireland cost will vary depending upon the type and spec of system you require. For an accurate quote, you can call the office today on (01)8643838. All of our Solar Panel Quotes are fully transparent and include for all works done